1. ConorSpa

    WiFi doesn’t work!!

    So I have 7 people in my household all using the WiFi, and my pc is the only thing that does not get WiFi, so I do not think it is the router. But just in case, I have a Verizon router. It will occasionally receive WiFi signal(for example it had WiFi for about 20 mins today) but after that it...
  2. O

    Very curious bluetooth stutter problem

    Hi. I have an Android phone and an Android tablet, and a bluetooth speaker and bluetooth headphones. That gives me four possible combinations -- phone to speaker, phone to headphones, tablet to speaker, tablet to headphones. All four combinations work fine with various music players, YouTube...
  3. DeadlyKitten

    No longer getting a display

    Parts CPU: Ryzens 2400g Mobo: Asus rog b450-f Gpu: zotac 1060 6gb mini Ram: Gskill ripjaws 3200mhz PSU: seasonic 550w bronze 80+ Case: gamdias m1a So yesterday my PC was working just fine. I installed a new driver and restarted and it still worked fine. I get on today to find my PC is on (fans...
  4. cicacarryme

    AZERTY- keyrow isn't working, the rest works perfect...

    I'm talking about the apex M750 mechanical keyboard. So, yesterday I plugged this badboy in and I noticed that the whole AZERTY-keyrow wasn't working (I added a picture for clarification), but the rest of the keyboard works perfect. I haven't spilled liquid on it so this is kinda strange. I...
  5. je669

    My phone rooted itself, possible?

    I'm not even gonna go into details until someone asks, this is literally the craziest thing I've ever seen happen on any device,.... literally ever
  6. D

    Wierd no post

    So i built a new gaming pc for my brother. However it doesn't boot(no post) but the wierd thing is that sometimes it boots but only when the psu is outside of the case or if the whole computer is outside basically no case at all but everything else is there. Whenever I put everything inside the...
  7. F

    Ipad plays music randomly

    Thankfully, this doesn't happen all the time. However, my ipad plays music from my music library, I assume, randomly. There are NO apps open and I cannot get the music to stop without shutting the ipad off completely. Any ideas?
  8. T

    Need help with a weird Wi-fi problem

    So I have recently just bought this laptop everything is fine except for one thing, the ac 8625. The upstream is fine and is pretty much the same as the other wifi devices at home however the downstream is ridiculous (Usually get 80+ mbps, only getting <2.5mbps if lucky) so I swapped it out for...
  9. koroshb

    CPU ERROR beep code when computer works just fine?

    Hello guys! I recently built a new gaming desktop, reusing my PSU and HDD/SSD combo from my old build. All three are known good and tested as such. Here is the current parts list: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (NON-X version) with stock AMD branded cooler Asrock AB350 Pro4 with newest BIOS update Zotac GTX...
  10. C

    Solved Internet keeps dropping but only on one device

    hello everyone, i really hope somebody can figure out whats causing my issue: so im from new zealand registered with an internet provider called Flip, im on VDSL. the internet was almost flawless for the first month i registered with them, then i kept getting errors saying my DNS address wasnt...
  11. M

    PSU on , computer OFF but fans keep spinning and leds blink

    My htpc system has been acting weird lately , whenever psu is plugged in , the cpu fans,leds etc start running without me pressing the power button , the pc boots normally if i press the power button . Im wondering if this behaviour is normal , i havent installed any new component , the cpu is...
  12. bluefunkd

    Google search won't show results

    The Google now & Google search on both of my android phones stopped working all of a sudden. I search for something it & shows me the video & image results with the Web results just ignored (weird), it shows me the arrows for the next page though, which leads me to another blank page. (smh)...
  13. G

    LAN disconnecting every now and then

    Hi, I live during midweek on a residence of around 30 people. In my room I have a lan connection to my computer. For 2 weeks i disconnected from internet in the evening: around 6 it started and it ended around 11. During that period I disconnected, runned problem solver of Microsoft or i...
  14. B

    Solved Weird HDMI problem

    Hey guys, So i plug my HDMI cable into a tv in my room everything works fine, i then plug it into the lounge room tv (has worked on this tv before) but now the tv only shows my desktop background with no icons or when i click to watch a movie my desktop background stays the same on the tv but it...
  15. P

    Yahoo webpage not loading correctly

    My yahoo webpage is not loading correctly, i tries using several browsers but its still the same issue. It looks like a mobile site and the bad thing is I cannot access my email. I also cannot ask help from the site since its not loading correctly...
  16. T

    Boot up weird screen

    I start the computer and it immediately goes to a screen filled with parentheses. Does not post or go to bios. I've already reset and replaced cmos, but that didn't work. What is the problem and how do I fix it?