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    Whatsapp final notice

    Guys, I have been sent a message what the final notice from WhatsApp. It has given a link to visit. Here is that https://apps.facebook.com/witoapps/22page/?i=729300. So as the message told if I haven't share that message to 10 people within next 24 hour my account will be suspected.
  2. L

    Voice message from infected phone

    If someone sends a WhatsApp voice note from an infected phone (or computer using WhatsApp web), can the voice note harm someone else's device by opening and listening to it?
  3. R

    Whats app web

    hi guys. I had WhatsApp web on my safari. I updated my phone and the webpage is gone. Showing me I have to scan the qr code again. Is there anyway I can get that webpage again? Please help. Thank you
  4. S

    whatsapp not working on my proxy

    i created hotspot to my laptop by connectify and using a college proxy everything working on wifi but whatsapp notworking
  5. H

    WhatsApp Back up (less space on phone + old WhatsApp number)

    Hello! So my phone number got changed two months ago but I have kept my old number as my WhatsApp number. I want to delete WhatsApp for a while WITHOUT wanting to delete any data or starred messages. I have the 'back up now' option on, however, my phone says "Not enough iPhone storage: free up...
  6. C

    Recovering deleted Whatsapp messages

    I have been facing this problem for a long long time. Tried several ways to address it and sought advice from many experts: How do I recover messages deleted from my Whatsapp account? I tried reinstalling Whatsapp as recommended by them. Did not work. In fact, nothing worked. I am not a...
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    Problem with Whatsapp Video Downloading

    Hello all. I am trying to help solve a problem with a Samsung Tablet, belonging to one of my friends. Apparently, When A friend sends them a video, The application 'downloads' the Video. You Can Actually view the download happening, as the green progress 'circle' shows. However, once the...