1. K

    Solved Diagnosing CPU instability

    I want to ask if anyone has any ideas regarding what could be going on with my Phenom II X6 T1100 instability. The instability is difficult to trigger, it only seems to occur in games and with Prime95. Games are very unpredictable, its been happening at most twice an evening or if I'm lucky...
  2. mburns

    WHEA Uncorrectable Error

    Hello to all, I just installed Windows 10 about a week ago and all updates are installed. Lately I've been getting a blue screen crash with "WHEA Uncorrectable Error". What I'm seeing on Google as a possible common cause is low CPU voltage. I'm not really sure how to check that. Is there...
  3. crcook84

    Motherboard switch settings

    I did some upgrading to my motherboard and when I tried tweaking it, I got an error message. My specs (at least the ones that seem pertinent to this problem): ASUS Z97-A motherboard Crucial 8GB RAM Intel Core i5 EVGA GeForce 970 I have two switches on my motherboard which, supposedly, optimize...