wifi adapter windows 8.1

  1. G

    A Bizzare Scenario regarding Network Connectivity

    Hi, I have been using DELL INSPIRON 15R - 5521. I am running Windows 8.1 OS. This is my problem: It will sound strange, but trust me i am struggling a lot because of this and I really want to know the reason behind this. My laptop connects to WiFi normally. But when i move my laptop even a...
  2. CasualJaey

    Ping only playing online games.

    I'm guessing its packet lose, As my ping is fine when i first get into any online game then goes upto 100+ and I check my internet speeds and they are fine only when playing online games. (I feel like my internet cant hand it for some reason) I have 14 Ping 100 Download 6 upload. Anyone have...
  3. T

    No WiFi showing after attempt of driver update

    Hi, yesterday I tried to update my network card through the windows "update driver" option and it hung on looking for updates. When I restarted my PC, I can't seem to find any WiFi connections. Could you please help me and let me know if you need more information? I have also tried to do a...
  4. C

    USB WiFi Adapter randomly disconnects

    I'm using a SAGEM X762N wifi adapter on my laptop running windows 8.1. The wifi randomly disconnects and the only way to fix it is to disconnect the adapter from the usb port and then plug it in again.(Sometimes this doesn't work as well, i have to repeat this step until it works). When it does...