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    Wifi Extenders/Boosters

    Hi! So right now I'm staying in a converted bedroom garage and the main wifi router is in the main house. Before I could see the network show up but it was always too far away to stay consistent thus rendering it unusable. As a temporary solution I purchased a Netgear N300 Wifi range extender...
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    Wifi Repeater Issues

    So I bought a wifi repeater to use in my upstairs for my tablet (Amazon Fire). I hoped it would be an easy setup, and surprisingly it was. The problem is that a set amount of time after initial setup (difficult to know how long since I only use it at night) I am unable to connect my tablet to...
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    Wifi signal inside my RV.

    How do I boost the WiFi signal inside my RV from the free internet at a Campground?
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    Are AV & AC tech compatible?

    Are broadband & wifi extenders and/or repeaters using AV technology compatible with those using AC technology. I've hunted high and low over the net to try and find out but had no luck. I originally was using a variety of BT products to boost my network around my home. The WIFI and WIFI MINI...
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    Expanding WiFi range with old router HELP!

    I am wanting to make use of a second router to expand the wifi range in my house but need help. Here is what I have done: Router 1 (main router): - Set it to operate on channel 11 only. - Changed its DHCP settings to hand out IPs between and Router 2 (second router)...
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    Would a WiFi booster work...

    Hi guys just wanting to get some advice on if a WiFi booster would help our situation. We have a funny set up in that the only place for our WiFi router is in our 3Rd bedroom. We have now obtained our 2Nd son, yes very exciting, but unfortunately when we use his baby monitor, it appears to...