wifi card

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    New Built PC has problems

    I have finished building my pc and done installing the OS. Now i want to install the drivers but there is no internet connections. I dont have a Ethernet cable and planned to use WiFi as it is in my room and WiFi router in living room. So I have installed the wifi card (Intel AX200 PCIe Kit)...
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    Wifi Adapter is not detecting

    Suddenly from yesterday my wifi adapters are missing from my laptop. Seems after an update might have caused this. I've windows 10 installed on my asus gl553ve laptop and currently using internet through ethernet cable. Things I've tried: -> tried reinstalling wifi drivers and rollbacking...
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    WIFI Card to Acer N1Q15 Extensa 2511

    Hello, I have a problem to find wifi card to my notebook Acer N1Q15 Extensa 2511. When I am looking for this wifi card I still see card only for Extensa 5230 5420 5620 5620Z. (What happened, Notebook was few months ago in repair but company forget give me back my wifi card, unfortunately this...
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    driver issue?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and an absolute novice when it comes to understanding computers, so please bear with me. I have a two year-old HP Envy laptop that loses its internet connection. I know it's not the router because other devices continue to work. It will then say no drivers are...