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    Wireless Network cant start or show the availabe networks

    My Wifi Doesnt run well. Sometimes it gets stuck showing no networks and sometimes works. I've tried uninstalling drivers and tried updating and checked all the services related to it but seems everything from windows working fine. I have to restart the Laptop in order for the problem is fixed...
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    Solved Wifi Range

    I have a Lenovo H50-55 with built in wifi, I want to set it up to send a signal to my wireless router so I can extend the range of my internet signal.
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    WiFi coverage across an "L" hallway

    Hi there, I need to cover some offices located around an "L" hallway, cabling across is not an option, so I am considering chaining three wireless devices, two at each extreme and one at the L's elbow (pardon the expression, I am not an English native speaker). The thing is that local...
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    How to connect my android phone to my reliance datacard?

    hi, i have a datacard with unlimited plan but it does not have a wifi capability. basically i want to connect my gionee s7 5.0 to it. i've been surfing the net for the past few days. i came upon the following options: 1. i'm ready to buy a wireless router(Tenda TE-N3 N150 Easy Setup Router is...