1. A

    Campus-wide Wifi Network Design

    I want to design a campus wifi system that will have multiple SSID-VLAN(Student, Staff and Guest) over point to multipoint links. they will be authenticated with a radius server(Freeradius). the access point(APs from LigoWave) will be managed by a centralized software controller. should all the...
  2. FrederickBaldano

    Banning an app from wifi

    Hello guys! is there someone who can help me ban an app from our wifi network? thank you
  3. 8

    Solved PC and laptop can’t detect my internet but other devices can

    While I was using my pc today, my internet suddenly got disconnected. At first I thought my internet is out. But then I check my iPhone, ipad, and laptop to find out that only my laptop is out too. Both of them can’t detect my own internet but can detect others. Please help
  4. SuperGraffiti

    Alternative to Apple Airport Express

    I live in a two-floor flat. Upstairs we have the Wifi router. Downstairs the signal from this router is terrible but we need wifi in the two downstairs bedrooms. Previously we had what I think was an Apple Airport Express plugged into a Netgear PLP1200S that gave us a surprisingly strong wifi...
  5. K

    Need a WiFi device that can accept Ethernet too

    I will be traveling and need to have a stable WiFi connection for work. Due to restrictions on my work computer I can only use an Ethernet cable to plug into the router. Are there ANY DEVICES that are portable that I can take with me that generate their own WiFi and have an Ethernet port so I...
  6. K

    Port forwarding issues with cod

    Hi, I’m having some real trouble with port forwarding on my pc and Cold War (the only game I have issues with) my nat type has changed to moderate and I’ve gone through all the process of port forwarding my router and still no joy. I’m using a tp link deco e4 and this attached photo is what the...
  7. D

    Wi-Fi connection extremely slow

    Hi all! I've just bought myself a new Acer Aspire A515-55 but I seem to be having some serious internet speed issues and need some help in trying to sort it out. When connected to my home wifi, on the new laptop I am hardly reaching 5mbps internet download speeds with an average of about 2mbps...
  8. A

    Community-wide wifi

    I am planning a community-wide wifi system that will allow residents to have access to a server at the community centre via their portable wifi devices. the radius of the community is about 1-2km. which device will be ideal for this deployment and what should be the best design
  9. wyattbram

    My wifi good untill i get in an online game

    The WIFI on my computer is way worse than all the other devices. We recently changed from AT&T (1-3mbs) to Spectrum(100-200mbs). This change was suppose to fix the WIFI problems that me and my family had. All the connections in the house are flawless and are experiencing extremely great speeds...
  10. riflemaster650

    Auto DHCP IP Configuration Is bad

    My HP Pavilion Laptop works for WiFI everywhere except one place. If anyone knows how to set up the Manual DHCP please tell me.
  11. A

    Pc won’t maintain WiFi connection after outages

    About a day ago I had a power outage that lasted around 2 hours, the whole time my pc was connected to an apc, not in use though because WiFi was out aswell. Today when I attempt to connect to WiFi my pc connects for a matter of minutes before dropping the network, I’ve tried restarting my...
  12. E

    No internet access

    Hi, not sure if this is the right section but I’ll try anyway. For the past few days my WiFi has been intermittent. It’s a really old Netgear modem. I’m currently revising for a uni exam so the internet service provider was contacted and they suggested moving to fibre and getting a new router...
  13. lawsob

    Do i need pcie card?

    I built my pc with a MSI b450m gaming plus which does not have wifi connectivity. I move around a lot and have always had trouble getting strong connections using wifi. I bought a ASUS USB-AC53 Nano USB Wireless adapter but due not having a DVD drive or wifi connection in the first place I...
  14. J

    Laptop suddenly can’t connect from certain room

    I use BT WiFi and before now I’ve had no issues with it connecting from my room. Nothings changed, I haven’t moved the router or any furniture and everything else that connects to WiFi works fine. My laptop can connect but it only gets a strong signal if I go close to it. Any ideas what’s wrong...
  15. Tremlettde

    Talktalk Wifi booster

    I currently live in an old house in a house share, out wifi router is located in a cupboard locked under the stairs and walls are thick etc. Iv been looking into wifi boosters to connect an ethernet cable from router to each of our rooms and plugged into a booster. I'm looking for more...
  16. F

    Tends Nova

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help. I have a tends Nova MW3 home mesh system but I'm finding its restricted to 100mbps. I'm fortunate to live in a new estate where our provider offers up to 500mb which is the package I have. Can anyone advise If the MW3 is restricted and that if u upgrade to a...
  17. R

    Wifi range extender or bridge? Which costs less?

    My house has 3 floors and I'm living in 2nd floor. I'm having a wifi router which emits signal only to the 2nd floor and very weak to emit in the 3rd and 1st floor. I want to know whether wifi extenders are best for my apartment or wireless bridge connection (by connecting the wan cable with...
  18. E

    Want to Use a third party router to get faster speeds

    I need sophisticated help with my network setup I’m running fibre optics in my home , I have a router supported by my ISP but I want to Use a third party router like a nighthawk through my home to get faster speeds... What operation do I need to do make this happen what are the steps and if you...
  19. J

    Advice on my router setup please

    Wi-Fi Question. We currently have our router in the basement because my son wants it for his play station and that’s where his room is. I want to move it up here because the Wi-Fi stinks up here now. So I’m thinking on putting the router up here and running an Ethernet through the wall to his...
  20. A

    Wifi will not connect to acer lab top

    Hi, my acer lab top will not connect to my home wifi no matter what I do. I try to update my computer but it says I need to have wifi to do so! I know my wifi is working because my phone and TVs are connected. When I enter the correct wifi password it says can’t connect to this network