win 10 crash

  1. V

    Safe mode works fine, but random BSOD in normal mode (Win10)

    Hi guys, I am really hoping you can help me. For several days I am having frustrating random BSOD crashes on my win 10 laptop. They are (for now) critical process died, which does not help much to identify the culprit. For some reason my system is not making minidumps. I tried first to...
  2. M

    win 10 constant soft crashing

    i am in an rog gl7553ve-ds74 and the win 10 soft crashes less than a minute after you log in, it doesnt even allow you to turn it off or restart, or even log out, how do i fix this?
  3. qf269


    When windows 10 finished a critical update, my pc wouldn't copy and paste, then it shutdown and when it restarted it said there were corrupt files in the c drive, but the data is still there. I would like help first saving the data, then in getting it back to win 10.1 I appreciate any help, as I...
  4. M

    Solved Desktop crashing Win 10 _ Blue screen crash

    Hello, I have been getting a crash every few days or so that I was wondering someone here might have some insight on how to fix. The screen in question: I have a self built gaming desktop with the following specs: *i7-2700k cpu *AMD r9 290x (reference version)...
  5. Brit57

    Win 10 crashed

    Just want to warn. iYogi <removed>recommended I install win 10. It worked good and helped manage resources better but on 4/11 it crashed after critical Windows updates. Blue screen of death. Nothing worked so I was able to restore win 7 because I was within first month. Win 7 not working but at...