win 7

  1. phixgrrrl

    Upgrading to win 10 on ssd when 7 is on hd

    Ok I hope I explain this well... I'm upgrading to win 10 from 7. However, I have a new (2 yrs old but never used) ssd drive I want to use for win 10. I have win 7 currently on a regular HD. (I also have a 2nd regular HD and an external drive.) So... Should I use the USB I have w win 10...
  2. phixgrrrl

    Upgrading to Win10 from Win7 questions

    1) I've downloaded the win10 iso to my D drive. Will I be able to install it (boot from) from my D drive or do I have to copy that over to a usb? 2) I know to backup everything, but, I assume that means everything on the drive you plan to install win 10 on (eg, C drive), so I can leave my other...
  3. M

    Running Win 7 from old SSD on Win 10

    My Win 7 machine died but the c: drive from that machine is good and has an application loaded on it that I want to run (won't run on Win 10 and the software is no longer supported). I've connected the old drive to Win 10 via USB and can read everything off it. How do I run the application...
  4. P

    Downloaded Driver: USB Ports no longer work

    I downloaded a driver for USB 3.0 ports because they never worked. I was/am pretty sure they are just not correctly connected but decided to try a driver before opening up the case. That caused a much bigger problem. Now not a single one of my USB ports seems to work anymore and I cant use my...
  5. Funkviking

    I want Windows 7 back! Windows 10 Awful!

    First, I am 65 years old. I know some things about a computer, other things stump me. My 65 y.o. cousin brought me her computer to fix...LOL! She said she went to bed one night and her Toshiba laptop was working great. The next morning it was not the same laptop. Overnight, without her...
  6. X

    Certificate Errors

    My PC issues certificate errors on most websites. It turns red in the URL line, also. How do I update my certificates? Thanks! Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4300 @...
  7. P

    How can I backup the BootManager configuration Just in Case!

    I just read a post here from someone who lost their BootManager config, and it reminds me of when I went through that.... Went through it for some unknown reason..? I don't want to do it again, if it can be avoided. MS Office 2007 Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version...
  8. phixgrrrl

    Solved Not seeing boot drive after cleaning pc insides

    i cleaned the dust from my custom built pc and when I booted up it could not find windows. I tried twice more same result. I opened it up again and checked some connections and unplugged and reugged some of them. I especially checked to see the hds were connected which they were. I rebooted...
  9. G

    Task Scheduler won't run. CPU at constant 100%

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10 Processor Count: 1 RAM: 3932 Mb Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express...
  10. P

    Solved Husband's Computer Mired in Swamp!

    Hi: My husband's computer is in serious trouble, so much so that I can't run the SysInfo utility and am having to post from my computer. He's an elderly man who visits all kinds of sites ( anyone?) that may not be good for the system's health. Because he's also quite ill, I haven't...
  11. Lindi1970

    WIN 7 Crash Help Please

    Hello ... Haven't been to this site in awhile so please bear with me as I hope I'm posting this question correctly.... I have a HP Pavillion Desktop ( approx. 3 yrs old ) Model H8-1234 Product # H2L72AA#ABA *Came with Windows 7 installed and Microsoft office My Daughter while using it this...
  12. Kalztar

    Solved Ctrl Alt Del - Screen

    Hey there, I had a problem logging into a PC the other day which was running Windows 7 Pro. What happened was each time I pressed ctrl alt del followed by clicking the Switch User button then clicking Other User and just as I started typing in the Username it would switch back to the ctrl alt...
  13. K

    Please help with 100% cpu usage

    Hi - I work from home and I am having a huge problem and losing hours working because I can't seem to find out how to fix this - my cpu usage is at 100% - how do I fix it? I've googled until I'm blue in the face and nothing seems to help. Please :)
  14. E

    problem with VGAsave and hibernation

    Hi guys, I can't active hibernate key in my lenovo laptop supported by win7. the error is about VGAsave. I reinstalled graphic card several times but didn't get any answer. Details of my system is as bellow. In advance I thank you for your support Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version...
  15. R

    Solved Cannot Connect to Network Drive After Installing Switch

    Windows 7 professional. Office network. 3 pc's, one pc is a workstation that also is the server for their hospitality software. Recently had printer connectivity issues from server to shared printer. Took a netgear router and installed as a switch to network the printer as there are 2 pc's at...
  16. dfwcat

    From XP to Win 7

    I want to change my OS from XP to Win 7, mainly because I can by it cheap then upgrade, but what are some of the key words to look for if I'm buying online? Words like OEM, refurbished, upgrade, and other such descriptions I've seen. It's a little confusing.
  17. T

    Acer Aspire 5532 running too slow

    Hello, thanks for reading. So I got this laptop as a gift for college a week ago, the first thing I noticed it's that it's pretty old not that powerful, but it was a gift so I'll bear with it. Still, my desktop PC was even older than this laptop and it was nowhere as slow as this laptop is, even...
  18. B

    Solved Fix system 7? or wipe out and reinstall?

    OK, I've been getting some BSDs lately. I thought it was a RAM I went out to Crucial and bought (2) 16GB kits of RAM to max out my Dell XPS 8700 running Win 7. Funny thing happened to my way to RAM bliss...I got a BSD (Blue Screen of Death) within 2 clicks of my new desktop running...
  19. B

    Solved Not seeing Device Installation Settings feature in Win 7

    I am attempting to reconfigure my Win 7 PC so that it automatically updates my drivers through the use of the Device Installation Settings feature. Though, when I go to Device and Printers and RIGHT click on a device I do not get all the options that include Device Installation Settings. As...