1. mesh.hydra

    J1(2015) doesnt connect to pc

    I have a J1 (2015), 4.4 kitkat, It has been connected to my laptop, win 10, several times with no problem. Yet now it doesn't connect now. I tried connecting it to a different pc, win 7, yet the problem occurs. I tried download mode, doesn't work. the phone works fine but doesn't connect.(...
  2. W

    Running SteamOVERYLAY

    I was wondering if at all posible, i could run the Steam Overlay anywhere i want within Windows 10, i know how to make it run on any game, but i want to run it ANYWHERE, aka as im using chrome, Playing the JAR version of minecraft 1.5.2. i have full access to adim if nessecary
  3. V

    Computer shutting off, freezing with certain games.

    So, over the past few months I've been having an issue with crashing/freezing. I can't be certain that I'm not experiencing two separate issues, so I'll just include what causes and doesn't cause crashes/freezes. Ran OCCT Stress tests. Power Supply test and CPU tests shuts off the computer...
  4. S

    No USB devices work after factory reset. HELP

    So yesterday i decided to do a factory reset on my desktop. Everything went fine and it installed correctly. When my PC booted up the final time and i got to my login screen, none of my USB devices work, this includes my mouse and keyboard. BUT, both my mouse and keyboard works fine in the...
  5. N

    Can't sign in to profile after verifying account

    I came across the "verify your account link" with settings > accounts when attempting to fix something else. It said that my account wasn't verified, so silly me clicks the link to verify it. I received a text with a code and Windows verified successfully. Next time I log in, I get the "we can't...
  6. S

    BCD Error

    Hello, I bought a USB with win 10 on it, booted up fine but I couldn't installed due to the error 0x0000098 and I am now stuck on that message screen whenever I boot my laptop up, is their anyway I can get back to when I first booted the USB so I can go on to start up repair and fix it. It's...
  7. N

    Please wait...

    I am booting up a laptop and this is what I see -"Please wait...". For hours. So clearly something ain't right. The laptop was Win7, upgraded to Win10. It was stable after a few months, and as the SSD hard drive is small and space was tight, I deleted the Win7 back up. After that it all went...
  8. AKashTechnical

    bsod caused by driver hal.dll bsod 0x00000133 in Win 10

    Hello Everyone, I am getting BSOD since i upgraded my windows from win 8.1 to win 10, I have checked minidump file in bluescreenview-x64 and come to know that hal.dll & ntoskrnl.exe+142940 are causing the BSOD. anybody have any idea about how to resolve this BSOD, Below are reports from...
  9. UltraNeros

    Bridged Connection Not Able to Identify Network

    I am trying to connect my desktop to my laptop which is connected to the wi-fi. Since the modem/router is too far away to run a ethernet cable between I wanted to try bridging my internet connection through my laptop. At one point it was working, but I had to reset my ip cause there was a...
  10. bobs-here

    Microsoft to end Wifi-Sense

    Microsoft has said Wifi-Sense is to go. the widely criticised WiFi-Sense feature of Win10 is now officially to be pulled .. listening to people is the way forward. more here...
  11. bobs-here

    Win10 Cumulative Updates Launching

    Windows 10 cumulative updates are live and push version to 10586.318. You can download them right away from Windows Update. UPDATE 2: Windows 10 Mobile 10586.318 is available for download as well, so phones are getting the cumulative update too. Original story below...
  12. OmniRider

    Trying to use PortForwarding?

    I'm on Windows 10, and I'm trying to use port forwarding to host private servers. It was working fine until recently, and suddenly it stopped working. All ports on other devices work just fine, so I believe this is an issue with my computer. I've checked and even tried disabling my...
  13. A

    Solved exe files not running

    I was trying to fix this using a Microsoft answer and I used regedit to do it but instead all the other .exe files which were working stopped and now I can't even open regedit to fix this Need a solution!! Help pls
  14. 8

    Windows 10 Explorer Unresponsive

    Hi im currently experiencing an issue with my explorer.exe and windows bar, im unable to open anything from the windows bar, if i press the windows icon on the bottom left it wont respond, even if i press the windows key on my keyboard, ive tried restarting explorer.exe trough task manager, only...
  15. B

    Can't Upgrade to Windows 10

    I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop operating Windows 7 Home Premium. It's a neat laptop with an i5 processor and 8 gb of memory. I set out to upgrade to Windows 10 but it just won't happen. Microsoft tells me that the bios in my Inspiron need to be upgraded first. Problem is that Dell is...
  16. B

    Win10: Browse for file saving Google email attachments

    ... so I've installed Win10... now when I have an pdf or Word file (etc) attached to a Google email and then "download" the file... I see it but seem unable to save it where I want to. I used to be able to navigate (browse) to a sub-directory somewhere of my choosing on my local hard drive &...