1. L

    Is win 8 is better then win 7

    Is win 8 is better then win 7 i Have System with 4gb ram and 500gb rom with inter pentium 2.4ghz it good to continue with win 8 I use adobe softs and also have high internet usage.
  2. W

    Solved Blue Snow USB Mic, Win8.1 Pro 64 bit - yellow ! in Dev Mgr

    Just acquired a Blue Snow USB Microphone. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T430 i5 3320, 12 gb RAM, Win 8.1 Pro 6.3.9600 Bought the Microphone from a friend. Was and continues to work on his Win7 machine. I plug it in and it appears to install and it shows on DEVICES but does not show up in SOUND...
  3. cich

    Solved Trying to repair Windows 8 EFI

    I chose the Linux forum because I am on OpenSuse right now, and I am trying to fix my issue from Linux. I think something happened to my Windows 8 EFI because Grub doesn't see the system and does not let me get into it. Something may have gotten corrupted. I tried adding the option to Grub to...
  4. P

    Network card driver problem on Win8.1

    My Win8.1 PC installs driver for Realtek GBE Family Controller and Internet speed is only up to 1MB. I remove the driver and install the one I downloaded from Realtek website and Internet speed goes up to 10MB and everything works fine BUT ONLY until next PC shutdown. When I turn it back on the...