windeows 10

  1. arash101

    I have a problem resetting the Computer to Factory settings

    I have a PC that I got from a friend of mine and I have forgotten the password for it and I was trying to restart it to factory setting so I can set a new one up but it is asking for a USB stick that came with the PC but I don’t have that is there anything I can do to reset it to factory settings?
  2. A

    copying old files from server to another

    In my company we need to move all files and folder older that 7 years ,from server 2012 to NAS and we need to Keep existing folder structure and Keep existing share permissions , Make sure the data is removed from the source as it is moved to the destination also we have long path name issue ...
  3. ashlikesanime

    Stabilization issues in Clip Studio Paint

    I am a digital artist and I've recently come across a problem with my stabilization in Clip Studio Paint (an art program) The pen seems to lag before the stabilization kicks in despite it being at 100 % Here's what I mean : I've been...
  4. T

    Solved Deleting Extra Windows Folder

    Last month my husband got a new Windows 10 machine - a HP Business Desktop. Old computer video card went bad, and computer was XP vintage - so tech guy just removed the hard drive from the old machine and installed it in the new machine. So now the machine has a D drive which is the new...