windoes 10

  1. Diddy19

    Bios/windows/whea connection issue

    Hello All! I got the pre built pc from my friend, specs in attachment. She put in new ram and a new ssd. Bc it was in a boot loop after it randomly stopped working. It was giving us nothing, just constantly resetting itself. We tried to install window on it to possibly get it out of the loop. It...
  2. R

    100% Disk usage

    I am facing 100% disk usage problem and I tried many thing from YouTube but still facing that problem. Please help me with this issue.
  3. H

    No Bootable device-insert boot disk and press any key

    I have a toshiba satellite l50-c-1xq and am worried if I have to buy a new Rom or boot up devises please can I have any help or part recommendations to fix this issue
  4. K

    Code (56) all fixes on google didn’t work

    The error code code 56 is showing when I click it n Realtek puce gbe Family controller. I have looked up fixes on other devices but none of there methods work. What dose this mean. And what can I do besides uninstall vpn uninstall update and do a net work reset?
  5. Amixgir

    Windows 10 Update Complications

    I've recently updated my Asus rog Strix gd703 laptop to the current windows featured update and now all my apps aren't opening unless I right-click to run as admin. " And even some of the other apps aren't opening everything was fine before the update
  6. M

    My internet doesnt work (Moved from Windows 10)

    It's for some reason using ethernet instead if internet, I've tried disabling the ethernet thingy's but that doesn't work either. When I troubleshoot it asks me to connect the ethernet cable but I DONT want to connect to ethernet.
  7. B

    I cant extend my desktop onto two monitors

    If I connect two displays everything will work correctly until I select the option to extend my display. At that point, the entire screen flashes blue and comes back to the desktop this cycle repeats forever. My smart friends and I tried to fix this and couldn't if anybody on this forum can I...
  8. Kristopher18

    Constant Blue Screen of Death

    I didn't know if there was a better forum to put this under so I just went with the current OS I have. It's an old desktop computer that technically had 10 on it(was installed, it did not come with 10 preinstalled) and it was fine while plugging in through an HDMI cord(according to my mother)...
  9. H

    Hp Ency 15z (Fan, Sleep Mode, Your PC Ran into a Problem)

    This is my first time I'm writing here because I'm so confused and don't know what to search for that's why. I am using Hp Envy 15z Laptop. I've installed Windows 10 Pro N on it. 1.Few days ago it shows an error when starts that "Fan is not working properly Error: 90B" I press enter and it...
  10. N


    Some how My husbands and my computer migrated. I do not understand how. Its seems his computer runs mine. All my files are under one or two files ,drives have been made out of picture files. Now it appears my granddaughter has Admin right when she was made only a account to do school work. My...
  11. P

    Putting Bootable Win 10 Installation on External Drive

    Short and Sweet: Need to put something bootable onto a blank hdd that ultimately leads to the install of windows 10. I am working on the hdd for my pc. I am USING my MAC throughout this entire process. The hdd on my pc died. I purchased a new exact model of the hdd. I am trying to put Windows...
  12. S

    Home network setup help

    Hello, I need help in connecting a home network setup. I have 2 laptops both are windows 10. Connected to same WiFi router. Both have network location set to private. I am trying to get them connected and setting up home network. In the network folder it only shows my WiFi router and current...
  13. D

    Windows 10 Mouse Lag and skipping

    Hi there i just put together a new pc. made sure i put all the drivers, and updated windows 10 fully. but i have an issue with my Logitech G602 mouse. it works fine on my laptop. but on my pc it lags and jumps. i have tried all the online methods i could find even reinstalling windows 3...
  14. V

    Difficulty while trying to setup a new Windows on a dual boo

    I have a dual boot notebook (using GRUB): Windows 10.0 & Linux ubuntu 14.04 which has been installed after that. I want to purge Windows 10.0 and perform a completely clean Windows 7.0 installation including some minor changes to Windows partitions. Actually, I took the free offer from Microsoft...
  15. W

    Windows Explorer impossibly slow when highlighting files

    Hello. I hope somebody can help me with a Windows Explorer problem. I've tried searching for a solution on the net but whenever I put the search terms in I am overwhelmed with articles about how to fix folders which are slow to load when opened - which is not the issue. All my folders load...