window 10

  1. R

    There is about 30000 directories on my desktop

    My friends launched a batch file on ,my windows computer with his USB key. He explained to me that this batch file loop and create a lot of folder on my desktop. After that I tried to remove them by using the windows terminal. I failed. I can't delete them manually, because i can't open the...
  2. AnonThrowsAway01

    Stuck in safe mode

    Hello everyone. I just found this site and I hope you guys could help me. I put my computer in safe mode and now I can't get out. I have a Window's 10 home computer that has never had any issues until it started acting up a few days ago. That's when I decided to put it into safe mode to check it...
  3. Varunbhandari

    Graphic Card details (Windows 10)

    I want to know what graphic cards I have in detail and how is it good or bad?
  4. Neznaju

    Solved My mousepad stopped working

    my touchpad stopped working,and half of tutorials say that I need to go touchpad setting but they are not there
  5. dhruvilm2

    All my audio is getting cut in between

    For some reason, my audio cuts out in between any sound being outputted in any audio from my computer except discord. Is there anything I can do
  6. ZzBrooKzZ

    Solved Msconfig max memory problem

    Hi I set my max memory under advanced boot options in msconfig and now my laptop stuck in welcome please help me. I saw a solution but i didnt understand it please help
  7. lochlomonder

    Microsoft addresses issue breaking Win 10 'Reset this PC'

    For users who may be experiencing issues when trying to perform a reset on their Win 10 PCs... Full article here.
  8. M

    Blue screen of death (Windows 10)

    So it started on a day we literally lost power for a second but the Hp desktop shut down. When I tried to turn on the peripheral via usb did not turn on nor my wifi usb. When I turn on computer goes to screen indicating "stopcode NTFS File System" then goes to "Choose your keyboard layout"...
  9. Bihu

    Audio driver not detect my headset microphone

    A month ago after a windows update i had a few problem with my audio driver, i solved it but may since then my laptop don’t detect my headset micphone (hyperx cloud stringer. Yesterday i decided to solve this problem . I download the latast driver from asus and it’s still not working . I watched...
  10. D

    Laptop broken :(

    My laptop recently automatically updated and has not since worked properly. When I try to turn it on, all that shows up is the logo and the loading wheel, or a black screen. I cannot access the log in screen. I have tried most if not all the solutions in Troubleshoot. I also created a backup...
  11. nwb3

    Lenovo Flex 5 Touchscreen not working

    I have a new Lenovo flex five, and the Wacom Driver (Located on HID on device manager keeps getting a Yellow Caution.) I have contacted MicroCenter and they installed them correctly, but then it keeps cutting out, and I tap the screen and it doesn't work. It happened about five times now, and...
  12. ThatKael

    My bluetooth won't work

    My BT headphones used to work with a 4.0 BT dongle, then i installed new drivers and both he dongle and headphones stopped working. So I bought a 5.0 BT dongle from the same company (MPOW), but now I've installed those drivers it says driver error in the settings under the device, and it...
  13. L

    Solved Installing Win 10 on a new build

    I am in the process of building a new desktop computer, and will install 10 home 64 bit on it. But which do I buy? DVD or USB version? Or what should I do to install it? Everything I've found online has left me confused. Some say to D/L it onto a flash drive or something then install it, but...
  14. Darkfate1

    Pc crash no display no keyboard function

    Lots of color on screen words not showing right pc crashed no display keyboard not coming on pc running. No display no keyboard function acer pc Windows 10 Computer rams no display no keyboard
  15. saman.abbaspoor

    Screen flickers when log into my account

    Last night I was working with my computer and my NVIDIA driver gave me an error message so I restarted the computer and now my screen flickers so fast that I cannot run any program. It is not that I cannot see but literally no program stays on the screen (I have tried two different screens). The...
  16. M

    Preparing Automatic Repair

    Hello, When starting my computer it begins startup as usual then goes to a blue screen of death saying "inaccessible boot device". The screen then goes black and states "Preparing Automatic Repair", then does nothing. I've tried booting it in WinRE by force powering it off then starting it then...
  17. devilwarriors

    Disk has different partitioning on sata vs usb disk adapter

    I have an old external sandisk hard drive that died and the bottom detachable part (GoFlex Disk Adapter USB 3.0) has a sata & power connector that you can pretty much connect in any hard drive to use it over USB. I bought another non-external 4gb hard drive a while ago and plugged it in and...
  18. Amttrak

    Dell G3 3579 charging issue

    My G3 3579 has recently developed a charging issue, in that it flickers from not detecting a charger, to “plugged in, not charging”. I’ve tried changing the charging settings etc., diagnostics show no issues, same problem with new battery new charger and new power jack, but nothing works, can...
  19. C

    turn off notification sound for app not listed?

    All the "how-to"s all mention about where to change the setting, but they never mention about Changing The Notification for the App not listed under the setting. Can anybody tell me how to turn off the notification sound for ONE specific program? Thanks
  20. S

    Windows network reset!

    Hello, I really need some help with my computer and network stuff. I was getting a low download speed and I thought that using windows network reset would be a good idea. It told me to wait five minutes but I decided to reset it my self I waited for my pc to turn back on then my adapter wasn’t...