window 7

  1. D

    Any major security exploits in Windows 7 this year?

    Since MS stopped supporting Win7, have any major security flaws come up that would make it suicidal to continue using Windows 7 ?
  2. N

    Solved Sleep mode stuck

    I have lenovo G580. It is in sleep mode and can't be started, even the keyboard and the mouse are off just the arrow key works. The screen display 2 options: 1_ continue System recovery. 2_ delete restore data and go to menu. Can't access neither of them as the keyboard is off. Thnx.
  3. Aurangzaib

    Blue screen error window 7

    I installed a software few days ago and it contained virus now I am unable to start my pc it shows blue screen error
  4. T

    BIOS with a broken screen

    Hello. Thank you for what you do. I never thought I’d need a site like this. I’m 17 and I love technology. I’m usually very good at looking up the answers I need, you see. The problem started when the screen became fuzzy and then white. Turns out it works great as a desktop, so I hardly care...
  5. thayolan

    Solved This drive is Security Freeze Locked

    Hello, i recently had an issue with an HP 2000 Laptop, it was booting to recovery (rapair mode) and then would fail and restart, i pulled the Harddrive and plugged it into a desktop and booted UBCD, and ran seatools. however shortly after beginning the long test i seen that it came up that...
  6. S

    No sound

    Hi, So running Windows 7 and suddenly I have no sound. The speaker icon in the corner has a "X" next to it and when I click that it says "the peripheral does not appear to be plugged in" I have removed the cable at both ends and replaced it and also bought a new cable but still it says the same...
  7. C

    Windows 7 Installer issues

    Installing the icloud program was not successful and the computer said it was a window installer issue??? Help! Trying to transfer photos from my phone to the computer and I need help.
  8. C

    Unable to enable Teredo

    Hello, I haven't been able to connect to a particular network for a while. I was able to use it on this laptop (HP Pavilion running Windows 7) about 2 days ago, now every time I run network diagnostics I get a message saying the computer administrator has disabled teredo. I have tried enabling...
  9. S

    Trouble with installing updates/Failed updates windows 7

    I'm having trouble with installing my updates my computer says that needs to be installed every time I install them and restart my computer it says update failed to install PLEASE REPLY IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION
  10. Crazysexybear

    Transferring a windows7 product key to a windows10 computer

    Hello I'd like to know if I can transfer a windows 7 product key (from an old computer that I don't need anymore) to windows 10 (new computer). What I mean is by downloading this; (This is the ISO file but its because I'm on the...
  11. Kristopher18

    Constant Blue Screen of Death

    I didn't know if there was a better forum to put this under so I just went with the current OS I have. It's an old desktop computer that technically had 10 on it(was installed, it did not come with 10 preinstalled) and it was fine while plugging in through an HDMI cord(according to my mother)...
  12. S

    Access Email not sending in Windows 10, but works in W7

    Has anyone heard of an issue where an email created in Access won't send through outlook when it's pulled up in Windows 10, but will work when it's pulled up in Windows 7? This access database has worked for years, and worked up until this week in Windows 10. I'm still in Windows 7, so when I...
  13. M

    Astroneer Not Loading

    I have gone to many, many sites and spent hours trying to fix Astroneer. The game starts up, shows the developer logo, starts loading screen, then closes. Nothing so far has worked and this is what I have done. Turned of Antivirus; Updated driver and system; Installed Visual c ++ 2015 (twice)...
  14. Rajatsingh

    Problem Installing window 7

    Hello Well i had window 10 earlier on my system, but due to some problems with my amd gpu software, i wanted to install window 7.( installed the latest driver from amd for my dgpu, but when i was playing some games i noticed that only the intel hd was working and the amd was not working...
  15. puter hater

    Errors causing computer to shut down

    Dell 8200 ,Windows 7 , 64 bit I started to have issue with my keyboard and mouse stop functioning. I would have to unplug to restart. That worked for a bit but now shall we say hell has broke free. I am unable to keep it up at at all now. I was able to run test on it and this is what it is...
  16. G

    Compatability of window 10 or window 8 with my pc

    My pc specs are- MoBo- Msi g41m-p33 combo CPU- intel pentium r d cpu 2.80gh ram - DDR3 2gb ram currently windows 7 ultimate graphic card integrated g41 chipset seagate pipeline sata 320 gb and can someone tell me why this pc lags when using youtube or even...
  17. W

    keyboard & mouse don't work on ASUS M32 w/ Win 7 Repair Disk

    I have an Asus M32 series computer with Windows 7-64 bit OS. I have created a Windows Repair Disc just in case anything goes wrong with the system. I wish to test it now, but the mouse and keyboard do not work when I boot from this Windows repair disc. I also tried a Windows 7 install disc...
  18. G

    HP DV7 laptop won't boot

    My laptop would hang at windows splash screen. Moreover, it hangs immediately after the light for the WiFi on the keyboard turns on. I wiped the hard drive (after backing it up) with hopes to reinstall Windows however it still hangs, upon getting to the splash to screen to reinstall Windows. I...
  19. J

    Windows doesn't read SD card

    So, lately I'm having a problem with my pc: it won't read my SD card anymore. I've tried searching for recommendations online, but really nothing helped. After sometime I realised that before this happened I used the SD card in a Mac. So I think that this is the problem. The problem now is that...
  20. S

    my toshiba laptop keep freezing

    (by the way idk if this is a windows 7 related issue or hardware or something else) so the other day i was playing a game on my laptop. I close it and went to sleep and when i woke up i forgot to plug it in did that then turn it on than when the desktop comes on 1 to 3 mins...