window 8

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    New I can't do anything with my pc that is in perfect condition

    So my pc that is maybe 3-4 years old doesnt really open anymore. The screen lights up and i see the DELL logo but then I can't do anything other than going into the like "settings" and the boot thing (pressing F12 and F2) I tried bootsing it but i dont really know what that does, what it is.. I...
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    Compatability of window 10 or window 8 with my pc

    My pc specs are- MoBo- Msi g41m-p33 combo CPU- intel pentium r d cpu 2.80gh ram - DDR3 2gb ram currently windows 7 ultimate graphic card integrated g41 chipset seagate pipeline sata 320 gb and can someone tell me why this pc lags when using youtube or even...