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  1. lochlomonder

    Firefox Just Dropped Windows XP and Vista Support, and Soon

    If you've been procrastinating when it comes to moving on from these OSs and you still use Firefox and/or Steam, it might be time to reconsider your options. Read this article.
  2. M

    Computer Just will not connect to net

    Yesterday I acquired a hp compaq dc5800 for free from my fathers work place, I had hopes of making it a secondary storage device to store some non important files on maybe install a few low spec games on it to save space on my other computers but it Just will not connect to net no matter what I...
  3. C

    Solved only works in safe mode

    so my boss gave my husband a couple computers that won't start correctly. One of them only runs in safe mode and my internet connection does not work on it. I tried system restore but I am unable to access it. It keeps saying I need to run in normal mode to turn system restore on but I can only...
  4. K

    Outlook Express/Not enough memory

    I'm attempting to help my dad with an issue on his outlook express. He still uses windows XP and he keeps getting a message whenever he tries to send (from either of his 2 POP email accounts) that "Message could not be sent. Not enough memory." I'm doing this remotely with him, but I have...
  5. I

    Switching from XP to Win 10 backup help

    I need to do a back up prior to running the install of Win 10. I have 200+ GB of stuff and 3 drives that are a terabyte each. Is it possible to back up everything to one of the internal drives, run the Win install on the C drive and if something goes wrong or goes right will me files be safe...