1. passwurd

    Can't boot Windows after Windows 10 update.

    I got the update on 12/9/16 and haven't been able to boot Windows for the rest of the day. I restarted, turned off and on, unplugged, let it be for a few hours. And set the CSM to Enable through Asus UEFI BIOS Utility, which is the only thing I can use. And fixes?
  2. M

    Help!! my acer laptop is not working!!

    okay so my acer laptop is not working. it has had Windows 10 for about a year now and just recently it started going out of whack. it will load to the desktop screen but after that nothing loads!! I will click on the desktop icons and it does nothing. the start button does not work. task manager...
  3. J

    Restore data

    In Laptop, I have accidentally deleted my one of administrator account ,please help me in restoring data.?
  4. D

    Windows 10 killed my oem

    July I tried to install Windows 10 on my Alienware desktop. Big mistake. It didn't download right, didn't install, however, now I can't activate win 8.1 or 10. Dell has been no help, Microsoft tried but once they left remote and I did a restart the computer said can't do the updates and reverted...
  5. L

    Solved Stuck on Welcome to Windows 10 screen!!

    I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and when I went to log on I get stuck on this screen that is blue that says "welcome to Windows 10" and when I try to put in my password it doesn't allow me to go on when I click next. Eventually it just restarts after I keep clicking. Help!
  6. I

    Switching from XP to Win 10 backup help

    I need to do a back up prior to running the install of Win 10. I have 200+ GB of stuff and 3 drives that are a terabyte each. Is it possible to back up everything to one of the internal drives, run the Win install on the C drive and if something goes wrong or goes right will me files be safe...
  7. M

    Lenovo Laptop Win 10 - Can't connect to Xfinity Wifi hotspot

    My new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Laptop has Windows 10 pre-installed on there. I'm able to connect to regular wifi connections (like my home network), but it will not connect to Xfinity WiFi hotspots. I'll see the Xfinity hotspot available (but with a little 'exclamation point' shield symbol next to...
  8. T

    Solved Input not support

    I have an AOC monitor, a couple of years old. It worked fine until I experienced some issues with the games Shadow of Mordor and Prison Architect (I'm sure I have other games with this issue but these were the ones I tried.) Upon opening either of these games, I could hear the sound but the...
  9. A

    Can high disk usage cause the click of death?

    I recently ran into the windows 10 ntoskrnl.exe problem where it uses 100% of my disk for an extended period of time. Now I am getting the click of somewhat death. The hard drive is still readable but the clicking only started after the exe was using all my disk. Could the extended 100% usage be...
  10. N

    MIC input computer sound instead

    Okay, I have been using my headset for around 2 years without a problem until 2 days ago, I was skyping with my friends and suddenly they can't hear my voice but they can hear the sound coming from my game. So, I thought maybe it's time to change my headset. Yesterday, I bought a Armageddon...