windows 10 apps

  1. K

    Can't open any windows apps, including settings

    Currently i cannot open any windows 10 apps, including, settings, mail, games store, etc. Ive tried rebooting several times, SFC scan, nothing seems to fix the issue.
  2. J

    Windows 10 Defender

    Just completed a pc build and I have Windows 10 (Home 64-bit) everything ran great, still does except for one thing. Windows Defender seems to be constantly running. Go to task manager and its running at 6-7%. I have Corsair iCUE software and my total core package is running at 35-36 degrees...
  3. H

    Using Android Phone as IP Webcam?

    Can you recommend a Windows based program for using an Android or I-Phone phone device as a webcam for video chat, etc? Are there apps specific to integrating with Windows 10 to use with Facebook or Skype?