windows 10 crash

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    Solved Powering on Secondary Monitor Causes Desktop to Crash

    Howdy everyone, Last week I bought a desktop computer to replace the 6-year-old laptop I've been using since college. For the laptop, I bought a secondary LG display (LG W2243T-PF 22-inch 1080p Widescreen) to help with multitasking. This LG monitor has a VGA port; the new desktop doesn't, so I...
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    Laptop will automatically attempt to repair but won't

    I wanted to extend my C: drive partition size and I used windows Disk Management tool and shrink the size of E: to create some space and a new drive. I wanted to use that space for C: but was not able to as the space wasn't to the right of C: So then I did my disk extension, using MiniTool...
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    Computer Restarts on Sleep and Hibernate. Win 10

    My computer recently just stopped waking up from sleep/hibernate and restarts the computer. I have tried these things (in this order). I don't want to clean install all over again unless I have to and I really want to know what is causing the problem. When I press the button to turn the...
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    PC freezes randomly all the time

    So I built a PC 2 months ago and it was working fine but the last one month it started freezing up at random times, most times when browsing. Now it happens all the time I also got one or two blue screens but i didn't write down the code. The freezes make the PC totally unresponsive with...