windows 10 disk errors

  1. K

    Laptop will automatically attempt to repair but won't

    I wanted to extend my C: drive partition size and I used windows Disk Management tool and shrink the size of E: to create some space and a new drive. I wanted to use that space for C: but was not able to as the space wasn't to the right of C: So then I did my disk extension, using MiniTool...
  2. Brothethelper237

    No partition above 0mb present at Windows 10 clean install

    My Brother's computer(ASUS) crashed one day. I decided to create a windows 10 installation media directly from the bios.The screen was stretched out and blurry and the computer ran slow. I have aborted the setup a few times when the screen said "Setup Starting" taking so long, I didn't have time...
  3. iamfluffy

    Solved can't make partitions anymore!! help! :(

    Hi so I'm have a very difficult problem with my Windows 10 Acer Laptop (Updated from Windows 7). the Windows 10 update was running fine up until about 4 months after the upgrade. it started acting very slow (to the point you couldn't do anything but wait 5+ minutes for anything to open or run)...