windows 10 dual monitor issues

  1. ELXMiles

    Dual Monitor Issue

    Hello! I play a lot of Video games and I needed a second monitor so i could have two displays and to access Discord faster without closing the game. I'm waiting for Christmas to get a new monitor and i'm stuck with an old monitor that was just lying around. It is an extremely old Acer monitor...
  2. M

    I’m having monitors problems

    Hi, so I have a new pc set up, and I connected 2 monitors so I could have a dual monitor setup. Well the problem I have is, one of the “monitors” is actually my old tv, so when I finally got it all situated the image quality on the tv looked terrible and the actual monitor looked great, so I...
  3. K

    Solved Windows 10 pro DVI secondary generic pnp monitor doesnt work

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here and also a newbie when it comes to computer. I am having trouble with my Secondary monitor even if the operating system is newly installed and it doesn't display to make it as secondary extension. I use Windows 10 pro. Primary monitor is on VGA and the secondary is...