windows 10 installation errors

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    First Time Build, Windows 10 Install issue

    I built my first computer. Seem to be having issues getting Windows 10 installed. I have tried so many different settings in the BIOS. I have booted from both the USB port and the SATA connected optical drive. It gets stuck on either the Gigabyte logo screen or the WIndows blue logo screen (no...
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    Booting up Windows 10 from USB but there is an error

    So I downloaded the booting aplication of the windows website then I downloaded it on my USB drive I selectednit in the bios then I continued with the instalation however it now says select driver to install and I can select the USB because they say it doesent habe the correct drivers. I dont...
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    Can't Complete Windows 10 Installation-Error from First boot

    Dear sir, I bought a new acer Laptop from, I installed Windows 7 and used. after few days ago, it's not wake up from Sleeping and Hibernate. Now I am trying to Install Windows 10 Pro. When Complete Installation and windows first time booting, I getting a Blue screen error from...