windows 10 problems

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    driver issues

    Hi there, I have recently built my own custom PC (intel i5-4690 / msi gaming 3 motherboard / geforce gtx710 graphics / corsair cs750m psu / corsair vengeance 16gb 2400mhz ddr3 RAM / corsair H110 AIO cpu cooler) I have managed to build the pc and do the initial install of windows 10 pro. I have...
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    Starting up problem, can't get into system

    I have a packard bell laptop and can't get the laptop to start properly. It turns on and goes into preparing automatic repair then nothing screen blank. Any suggests please. I can't get into a safe mode screen.
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    Cannot log into windows account or restore previous version.

    Hello this is the first time I have ever made a forum post so sorry if I post in the wrong place or anything. Basically yesterday after I signed into my windows / microsoft account to log into my pc I accidently pulled out the power cable. I was already logged in and nothing was loading but now...
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    Windows 10 Screen Jumping up and Down

    I've had a new Dell XPS 13 Laptop for several months. Ugg, it came with Win 10 in it. The screen jumps up or down when I move the cursor over it. When I try to click on a link, the line it's on will jump up or down preventing me from clicking on the link. Or when I try to type in a text box...