windows 10 recovery

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    I've got a blue screen, with two options, am I in danger

    Some water spilled on my laptop's keyboard, and I managed to dry it and get it to start, but when i started it it gave me a blue screen, with something about recovery, it had two options, either restart, or "go to advanced options", I restarted and it worked just fine, I would like to ask, Am I...
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    Aspire Switch 10 E Deleted EFI NO BOOTABLE MEDIA

    my Aspire Switch 10 E had a password issue and I tried to USE a USB WIN 10 to do a clean install. It said there was not enough space and I deleted the first partition. The deleted partition had boot info and efi Now I cannot get anywhere to find the right bootable media to use in a USB and...
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    monitor wont display during windows 10 recovery

    I usually can fix my computer myself now but I am stumped , I was doing a factory reset because I couldn't get my monitors aspect ratio to stay in the correct setting tried all the bs with my drivers and my graphics card . during reset the screen went black plugged into my motherboard...
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    nextbook 10.1 black screen boot

    so I acquired a nextbook 10.1 with windows 8 on it. I upgraded to windows 10. I wanted to take windows 10 back to original install so I used that option in the windows recovery. now my nextbook boots to a black screen. I have touch support on it and the keyboard works. I made a windows 10...