windows 10 (x64)

  1. valdringfx

    PC becomes very slow after some minutes or sometimes hours

    So right now im not sure what started to cause this problem, my pc was working fine like 1-2 weeks ago. This problem started lately im not sure if i messed it up by changing Power Plan settings or this came after some windows updates. But also i was getting Kernel Power 41 Event without BSOD...
  2. S

    Is Windows 11 much better than 10?

    I want to know Is Windows 11 is much better than 10?
  3. M

    Stuck in the restarting loop

    Hello, when I first started up my pc (windows 10) I selected the language, the keyboard and then when I got to the wifi part I didn’t have an adapter yet so I turned it off. When I came back and started it again I got stuck in a loop of restarting. And when I try go to the command prompt...
  4. A

    Audio Is Muffled/Distorted

    Recently I ran the AVG driver updater, after it had run my audio has sound muffled or distorted ever since. I do not remember which drivers it had changed either. My audio setup was working perfectly before AVG driver updater, In my previous setup I used the Realtek Equalizer to optimize my...
  5. Sraikree

    Solved Google and YouTube inaccessible ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

    I regularly use Microsoft Edge for browsing the net and watching YouTube videos mostly, but suddenly 3 days back YouTube stopped working, giving an error This page isn’t working right now didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE I was confused and copy pasted it on my search...
  6. grandstream

    Solved Winscomrssrv.dll error at startup after upgrade

    Hello folks, I require some assistance with an issue I have been attempting to resolve to no avail. I recently manually upgraded Windows on a laptop of mine because it refused to download any updates (error 0x80080005) and it even had all options of windows security Virus & Threat protection...
  7. M

    SSD and old HDD

    So as the title might suggest, i want to move my OS (Windows 10) from my old HDD to my new SSD, but the programs that i have found, on videos from youtube, all need payment to migrate the OS, and i just didnt know what to do, i used AOMEI backupper, and i started a disk clone, but wasnt sure if...
  8. hussain11

    App center problem

    I got this new pc and every time I start it up, this thing shows up called app center. I have to go in my task manager every time to end task manually. In the task manager its called gigabyte download center. My motherboard is gigabyte so I'm assuming that it has something to do with my...
  9. S

    NVIDIA not appearing on my Streamlabs OBS software

    I have a Sony Vaio Windows 10 64-bit desktop. I have been trying to find a way to get the GPU appear in the drop menu on the output settings on the Streamlabs OBS software so that I could game stream my game from the PS3 onto YouTube. I already have the NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M installed on my...
  10. J

    PST file missing

    PST file while cut and paste in folder In between i lost PST file, Unable to find in original or destination point aswell. Windows 10 pc, outlook2016
  11. B

    Solved PC "Skipping" BIOS

    My PC is skipping "BIOS" and going straight to the windows 10 login. I know its not really skipping bios its just not showing it post. So a few months ago my pc crashed and burned and the SSD with windows on it got corrupted so i got a new M.2 and slapped a new version of windows on it and went...
  12. hxhukellari28

    MacOS Bootcamp Slow issue

    Hello everyone, hope you’re all good. I wanted to ask for help on an issue regarding MacOS Windows boot camp, which means I can run windows on a mac. I’ve had it for a couple months without issue until last week. I only use windows for gaming, since almost all pc games are windows only. I...
  13. L

    Solved Microsoft Apps not working

    Hello there, so a while back my Microsoft store wasn't loading and I'd tried to fix it but nothing was working so I tried using PowerShell but then I seem to have just deleted it and couldn't get it back. Then I basically forgot about it as I never used the app but recently my Xbox app and game...
  14. kaushikaniket

    Windows spinning dots stuck

    My dell laptop came with windows 10 in it. After 2 years since I wasn't using it I packed it and didn't use it for a while and now when I try to boot it up windows 10 spinning dot freezes. Dots don't even rotate and only Dell logo is there no activity is happening. No spinning of dots so turned...
  15. MetaSoc

    Unstable system (System Freezes and BSoD)

    Hi, I have a problem with my system being unstable- often crashes (image stops working) or BSoD- Critical Process Died. So first of all, last month I was forced by Microsoft to update Win 10 to version 2H20 from 1909 (which worked without problems). Around one year or so ago I updated to 2004...
  16. U

    Windows 10 Core Isolation Issue

    Good Morning, I was having an issue when trying to use an emulator on my pc, I was told to turn Core Isolation off but then it wouldn't allow me to turn it off. So I had to add a file to my C Drive and then run 2 commands in Powershell. More information is here...
  17. Hellosachin

    Hold escape key to prevent startisback from loading

    cant open any app or anything, I can only open settings. I don't know how to fix, help me I need to start my live stream by afternoon. I don't know anything to do what I am just waiting for any help . I tryed starting windows again and again but it not work , also I opened cmd by safe mode but...
  18. Z

    Need outside the box thinking

    Hi. I was using an over locking program known as AMD Ryzen Master. I own a HP R3 Tower Desktop PC. AMD Ryzen 3 3200G. Serial #: 2MO0463VVB Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. Base clock frequency of 3.6 GHZ (maximum boost of 4.0 GHZ). My issue is, i increased the memory clock speed to what i found online...
  19. S

    How to completely remove all of the Norton software

    I am trying to completely remove all of the Norton software off my computer. It shows that some of it is still there even after using the Norton Remove and Reinstall to only remove all the software. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64...
  20. S

    How to make my PC boot faster

    I have done this thread before, but I left it too late to respond back. I had no internet at the time. I am having it where my PC is booting up very slow. I looked on my virtual memory, and the Recommended is supposedly not to be so much less than the Currently allocated. The readings for the...