windows 10

  1. K

    Cmd opening on startup

    I've noticed this problem a long time ago, the command prompt opens on startup for some reason. I've tried typing fc /scannow on cmd like someone said and it said no problems were found.
  2. S

    Problems after dropping Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

    I dropped my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga on a hard surface about a month ago. After the drop, the touch screen stopped working (there was uncontrollable phantom activity--random apps opened, "touch" circles appeared all over the screen). I completely disabled the touch screen, and things got better...
  3. K

    Right click on my laptop's touchpad not working

    I've noticed this problem on my laptop some time ago, the right click doesn't work while the left click works perfectly. I didn't think much about it at first since I use a mouse but when I started having other problems with drivers on my laptop, I discovered there is one driver in the...
  4. GabrielleM

    I have DirectX 12 but need DX11 in order to run a game

    The game ‘The Isle’ refuses to launch because of an error code saying that I need Dx 11 level 10. I checked my system and I have a Dx 12. I never used windows before so I have no clue what to do. I searched up so many tutorials on how to fix this but they didn’t work. I’m so lost. I use a...
  5. O

    Microsoft Account "Oops! Something went wrong" error

    Hey. I need help signing into my Microsoft account. Whenever I enter my details, the dialogue box just says "Oops, something went's probably our fault". When I try to create a new account it says the same thing. I've reset my dns registry (if you can call it that), I've done all I...
  6. S

    How to make my PC boot faster

    I have done this thread before, but I left it too late to respond back. I had no internet at the time. I am having it where my PC is booting up very slow. I looked on my virtual memory, and the Recommended is supposedly not to be so much less than the Currently allocated. The readings for the...
  7. S

    April update causes white screen on startups

    Hi, I did the latest cumulative update with I believe other regular updates in middle April. I have heard of an April 13 update that caused tons of issues for many. Ever since the updates, my computer which is 20H2 now starts up normal but just before the password to login, the screen goes...
  8. 12FindersKeepers

    Won't wake up in sleep mode, CMOS checksum error on reboot

    Hi all, So a problem I've been having with my computer is that whenever I put it into sleep mode that it won't wake up. I will hit the spacebar to wake up it and I hear the power turn on to run, and then immediately shut off and it cycles doing this withotu being able to turn back on. It's done...
  9. S

    System restore causes BSOD

    Hi I would appreciate your support. I ran a system restore after turning off Kasperksy. The restore took very long and lead me to the next boot saying it failed due to something caused by kaspersky although it was off. After I shut down the computer, it went into a BSOD with the code Critical...
  10. J

    News and Interests Taskbar Feature FAQ

    Hey Guys, I am creating this thread because the new News and Interests Taskbar Icon is rolling out to all Windows 10 users on a metered basis. Eventually everyone will get this Taskbar Update. Clicking on this icon will bring MSN News, Weather, Traffic , and Stock information to you all in one...
  11. L

    Can’t get into bios!

    Please help!! Can’t get into bios setup (wanting to do a clean install of windows 10) I have a asus p6t motherboard and I’ve tried doing what it says to press del (even holding, rapid pressing, even other keys like f12, tab, etc) to no avail. Is my keyboard not registering before it starts...
  12. L

    High CPU usage by the “System” process

    I've noticed for the last few weeks my laptop sounds like it is constantly running. When I check the task manager to see what is going on I noticed it says the CPU is at 100% and the "system" is what's running at the highest. The only programs I have open are Chrome and Excel so I'm not sure why...
  13. SyntheticOne

    Yet another Bad System Config Info BSOD

    No significant recent changes to the OS or software; No Windows updates installed in the last several days (during which it booted successfully); No hardware recent modifications. BSOD happens on both normal and safe mode boot. chkdisk /f did not locate any bad sectors. Both the SSD with the...
  14. ketko1505

    My pc is slow

    I have dell inspiron 3582 celeron n4000 1.1ghz 4gb ram 500gb hdd. i bought it in october. its getting really slow. is there any way to upgrade it and make it fast or should i go and try to replace it for a better one. thank you in advance!
  15. C

    Solved Windows 10 not detecting second monitor?

    I am attempting to setup a second monitor to extend my first desktop, but have had no luck so far. I am not super tech savvy but can usually solve my problems by googling my issue. My second monitor doesn't have to be awesome as it will mostly be used for excel files, I just want some extra...
  16. J

    Solved Update KB5001330 Won't Download (Ver. 2004)

    Guys, It's been noted and going around that on Windows 10 Version 2004 (May 2020-Update) that Patch Tuesday's April 13th, 2010 update fails to download and install. Later versions of Windows 10 are taking update KB5001330 fine. I posted about this in the Windows 10 Feedback Hub and am sharing...
  17. cgibs

    PC randomly becomes semi-unresponsive until I reboot

    I recently (6ish months ago) built a banging new computer, but it has actually had more issues than my old computer. Basically, something like once a day or so, it will become sort of unresponsive. I'll no longer be able to click around Windows explorer or different Windows based apps...
  18. enigmadragon

    BSOD on laptop (Windows 10)

    When I turn on my computer I get the bsod and it says "your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart I will do it for you." After it restarts it says its preparing automatic repairs. This is the problem I'm stuck at. I've tried to boot in safe mode no luck. I've tried to do a system...
  19. A

    Windows 10 PC Stuck in System Repair

    My pc was working fine, I didn’t use it for a few weeks and next time I started it up it went into automatic self repair mode. Now it will start up, go to the Windows 10 Repair Screen for about 2 seconds then restart then stay in a loop. I’ve tried switching out hard drives but it does the same...
  20. RedactedHood

    Black Screen, Flickering and Crashing while playing games

    Processor: AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7 RAM: 8GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 4GB As the title says, I suddenly and randomly get these issues whenever I play games. I tried re-installing the drivers already. Also made sure that the GPU is properly connected. Does anyone know a solution on how to fix...