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  1. B

    Blue Screen of Death

    My dell precision M4400 laptop keeps showing the "blue screen of death" shortly after boot up. What I have tried: -Rolled system back to the earliest starting point backed up -In Safe Mode: Ran a pre-boot system assessment. Every test passed: video card, memory, CPU. -Tried to update NVIDIA...
  2. I

    Skype Installed Twice?

    Hello I appear to have 2 versions of Skype installed on my Windows 7 64bit PC. They are: Skype Version 8.56 Skype 7.24 Do I need both or can I safely uninstall one of them, please? Thank you, Ian.
  3. B

    Solved Non standard Win 7 install - help updgrading to Win 10

    I have been dragging my heels over the Win 10 upgrade but have accepted it has to be done now. Part of my reticence is that I have a non standard Win 7 install, and I haven't been able to find advice on how this will affect my upgrade and what I need to do to ensure it goes smoothly. I have a...
  4. A

    Problem with Google search (Moved from Windows 7 forum)

    The search results now show a web address with a tiny Firefox logo above each entry in the results. I do not get this with my other Windows 7 computer. Did I pick up a virus? I see no other issues.
  5. A

    Windows 10 upgrade

    Hi all, Sysinfo doesn't work so I will say what specs I have. Dell E6420 Windows 7 Nvidia NVS 4200M Intel HD Graphics 3000 My CPU was running high a couple of days ago and still is, I have seen other people upgrading to windows 10 being able to solve the problem, my problem is when I use the...
  6. M

    Can't enable Test Mode in Windows 7 x64bit

    Hi Tech Guys, I'm facing a problem. I'm trying to start my windows (7 64bit, Ultimate, also tried on Proffessional) in test mode but unfortunately its not starting in it. I've tried "bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON" & "bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON" both with administrative privileges to...
  7. Aikkasmommy

    Windows 7, error code 28

    HELP!! I was given a Dell PC with Windows 7. Well I had bought a Realtek wireless USB adapter. I downloaded the CD/driver, and my computer won't download the adapter. It says that I don't have a driver for it, even tho I just installed the driver that came with it! I'm not tech smart, so please...
  8. SeinLb

    Upgrading my windows 7

    Hello . I'm trying to upgrade my windows 7 home premium 64-bit to either windows 7 ultimate 64-bit or the same which is home premium , because I want to keep my files and settings . I'm using the same CD, it is informing me that I can't upgrade from 32 to 64 bit , while I have a 64 bit installed...