windows 7 clean install

  1. V

    Difficulty while trying to setup a new Windows on a dual boo

    I have a dual boot notebook (using GRUB): Windows 10.0 & Linux ubuntu 14.04 which has been installed after that. I want to purge Windows 10.0 and perform a completely clean Windows 7.0 installation including some minor changes to Windows partitions. Actually, I took the free offer from Microsoft...
  2. machv

    How to reinstall or factory reset a Hipstreet W7 tablet?

    I have two issues first is how to factory reset a windows tablet or reinstall the OS from scratch? And the other is where can I get the correct usb drivers to do this via my PC and not through the tablet itself? I tried contacting Hipstreet support but got no response and after searching it...
  3. B

    Clean Install MAJOR difficulties. Dell XPS Studio 8100

    Hi. I am trying to do a clean install of windows 7 on a Dell xps studio 8100 but nothing is working. When the install has been successful, the computer boots and runs extremely slow. So slow that if I try to install the drivers that came with the machine the computer will just crash. Whenever I...
  4. C

    New Clean Reinstall with pre-installed windows 7

    My friend had brought a Toshiba laptop a couple years ago with Windows 7 home premium pre-installed on it (no installation cd came with it and shes not sure if she recieved a recovery cd with it either). Unfortuantely due to the failing on Norton to do its job she ended up with MULTIPLE viruses...