windows 7 professional

  1. Lu Zhun

    PC is lagging like crazy when minimizing a game

    Hello. I am not sure what it could be.. the CPU is only running at 13% and RAM is not even being half used.. The graphics card handles the game really well and everything is super responsive while in the game.. If I happen to minimize the game to do something else, the mouse pointer itself...
  2. J

    Remote Accessing Desktop on VPN

    My company has an in-house server and we've set up our own VPN on said server which all of our desktop computers are connected to. Is it possible to remotely connect to the VPN and access my Windows 7 desktop with a Windows 10 laptop?
  3. K

    bootable USB windows not working

    Hi, I have a VAIO SVE14116GNB, i was trying to re-install my original windows using One-touch recovery button "assist" But due to some incident, i had to force shut it down during formatting of C: drive (formatted 46%) After some time when i again started my laptop with ASSIST button. Error...
  4. Lu Zhun

    How many updates are there for Windows 7 Pro?

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is an exact amount of updates that have come out from Microsoft that the Windows Update tool sees and can download? I was wondering because I have been having issues with Windows Update just continuously searching and not finding anything...