windows 7

  1. UltraVi0let

    Help with GeForce G210 driver issue (Windows 7)

    Hello, i have a problem with my GPU, so im using win7 Ultimate 64-bits, and i gave a Geforce G210 (i know its a bit old), whenever i update the drivers and restart the pc, it gives me a black screen or gets stuck to "starting windows", it rarely works with Driver 196.21 and mostly the same black...
  2. N

    Windows 7 RAM

    Hello, So last night 4/2/2020 when I was using my computer I was playing a new game on steam, before I started it I cleaned up the processes on my computer to free up some ram. During the operation of this game I noticed when I alt-tab out that my computer is running with 16 GB of RAM. I have...
  3. D

    Windows 7 is sticking while first boot up

    I need help please anyone can help Me I am stucking on this screen and my computer is not booting please help me What i have done yesterday : i have windows 10 already installed but it is hanging so much so i have an windows 7 bootable pen drive then i plug it into my computer and installed...
  4. R

    Network adapters - code 31

    I've got an Acer Aspire z5710 currently running windows 7, and I can't connect to the internet. It says that the internet is "not connected" and there are "connections available", but it doesn't even show the wifi connection I have. Upon further investigation, it appears that all my network...
  5. M

    Expansion portable drive

    Helppp :( I was transferring my files and photos to my drive ( Seagate expansion portable drive ) to my phone through my COMPUTER and suddenly theres alot of error while the files were transferring. So i cancelled the transfer and pulled out my drive and tried again but this time my file wont...
  6. I

    Avira Installation Issues

    Hi I downloaded the latest version of Avira as suggested by Webuser magazine (using the link they printed in the magazine) as they said they had concerns about the fact that Avast (which I'm currently using) had sold users data to other companies. I realise that if they've sold my data, they've...
  7. I

    Skype Installed Twice?

    Hello I appear to have 2 versions of Skype installed on my Windows 7 64bit PC. They are: Skype Version 8.56 Skype 7.24 Do I need both or can I safely uninstall one of them, please? Thank you, Ian.
  8. A

    None Of My Apps Are Working

    i removed my graphics card from my computer and now none of my apps work.errors pop up about 3d acceleration and old graphics card drivers.can someone please help me..i cant use my graphics card for some time.. processor is Amd Fx-6300
  9. R

    Wallpaper Won’t Stretch

    I wanted to use my own picture as a wallpaper. I did what I was suppose to do. Then you get those options such as center, fill, tile, etc. I want to stretch the picture, but when I do, nothing happens. All of the other options work. I never had an issue before like this concerning the wallpaper...
  10. M

    Daily BSODs, now can't format a new HD because of BSODs

    My Windows 7 PC has been BSODing 1-2 times daily, completely at random, for probably 2 months at this point. It sometimes does it when I'm AFK even. For a long time, all of the errors were the exact same. STOP ox0000001E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0XFFFFF8003067734, 0X0000000000000000.0...
  11. S

    Solved "This site can't be reached-ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

    I have a Windows 7 computer. I mainly use Google Chrome and Firefox as my browsers. I am trying to access a website called, but I am getting this blank page with the message "This site can't be reached-ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". I know it has something to do with my computer as it...
  12. A

    Windows 7 Bootable USB driver missed problem toshiba laptop

    I have Toshiba satellite laptop showing A required driver missed while installing windows 7 through bootable usb
  13. A

    Homegroup Ping Problem

    Greetings, Encountering problem of networking of my work PCs. While working, some of PC disconnect and then I have to disable then enable network adapter, sometimes work sometime does not, reboot doesn't help. Tried everything but still lots of errors. Here's what I have done All set to home...
  14. C

    Windows 7 PC beeping twice repeatedly whilst on

    So the PC I'm working on has started to beep twice (almost like a heart beat?) Not sure what's causing it. Advice will be appreciated! Currently Running Windows 7 Enterprise CPU - Intel i5-3470 @ 3.2GHz 12GB RAM HP Compaq (Unsure of any other specifications as it's a Work PC, sorry) Thanks...
  15. R

    I am unable to reinstall my USB drivers

    Hello, I have an HP laptop with Windows 7. I need help reinstalling my USB drives.
  16. I

    Remote Desktop now times out of a session erratically

    For years I have RDP from home to my store with very little problem. Win7 Pro to Win 7 Pro. However since I updated the PC (clean install of Windows 10 Pro) at my home; when I RDP to the store (Win 7 Pro PC), it connects quickly as always and works. However, the session constantly times out and...
  17. conceptualclarit

    Wanting Windows 7 on SSD and Program Files on HDD

    I'm setting up a new computer that will have a 250 GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD and two 1 TB Seagate Barracuda hard drives. I want the SSD to be the boot drive and have the Windows folder with the operating system (Windows 7 Professional 64 bit). I also want to have a few programs on the SSD...
  18. C

    computer wont run 8GB of RAM (Moved from Windows 7)

    my computer wont run 8GB of ram. it will run 4GB perfectly fine i have checked the bios and theres no updates for it i know its not the ram sticks bc ive tested all 4 sticks i have. its also not the mother board bc i tested sticks in both the front two ports and the back two ports. when i first...
  19. I

    Can't install vstudio, keep getting clr error 80004005

    I have uninstalled, repaired and reinstalled .net framework and just want to use the course material I finally have access to.
  20. E

    Solved Converting Windows 7 to Linux on a Dell Optiplex 3030AIO

    Hullo, I should be grateful to receive advice on converting my OS from the current (sunset) Windows 7 to Linux. I run Windows 7 on both a Dell Optiplex 3030AIO desktop (my major concern) and an old, but serviceable Compaq 610 laptop used for occasional outside assignments. Connected to the Dell...