windows 7

  1. brondo

    Problems with Windows Update

    Hello, I've been trying to fix this problem for the last 2 days, but nothing seems to work. I have 9 updates on Windows Update and 7 of them are Security udpates, the whole 9 updates' size is around 270KB When I update them, Windows update says they were updates, but a few minutes later/ when I...
  2. MaskuSama

    Reinstalling Windows 7

    Hi! So I'm using Windows 7 that haven't been used for like 6 years. Kid me didn't know what viruses were back then, so I used to download whatever I liked on Internet. my point is, I'm planning to reinstall Windows, but sadly, I don't have the Key or whatever, nor is my current Windows...
  3. E

    No monitor signal after windows update

    I’ve just updated from windows 7 to 10. The computer restarted as per the upgrade process and has not fully rebooted since. My setup was put together in 2015 and hasn’t been updated since. To clarify, I’ve reset cmos now after checking how to fix.
  4. J

    Windows 7 crash + no safe mode

    I am dealing with older windows 7 won’t log on, keeps crashing and won’t load anything. Also can’t get onto safe mode, tried hitting f8 multiple times, still won’t show up
  5. A

    Local area connection driver issue

    hi, i own a compaq presario cq5500y pc that is (regretably) still running windows 7. it's having issues with its local area connection driver. i have followed all of the steps that windows help provided me, but almost all of them require me to connect to the internet... which is the only thing i...
  6. L

    Booting on hard disk

    Hello there I have an internal hard disk which is being used as external drive. I want to install windows 7 on it and want to use it as storage device for the windows 7 as well. Can I do it? please guide me through it Please help me I need it very urgently.
  7. S

    Slowest computer in the west

    I just got back into my girlfriends dell inspirion Windows 7 laptop that she hasn’t used since 2013. I uninstalled everything to bring it back as close to the way it came out of the box without a factory reset. I’ve defragmented OS (C: ) and RECOVERY twice with it resulting in it saying OS (2%...
  8. A

    BSoD Invalid Process

    hi everyone, I installed trial of polish antyvirus Arcabit Internet Security based on BitDefender engine and after that I have sometimes BSOD. It is caused by this antyvirus, but problem still remains after uinstalling it. Computer is old with Windows 7. I attach two minidump files - with...
  9. D

    Re setting admin password

    Hi everyone, my name is Dustin. Im looking for someone to help me through a command screen that i don't quite i understand. I was given a laptop from my neighbor that he hasn't used in a while. He gave it to me for my daughter's remote learning. When we powered it on he was unable to remember...
  10. ronakb

    PC does not start up properly

    So I have this PC with windows 7 on it and it has stopped turning on properly. After pressing the button, the manufacturer's logo shows up and it boots into windows. Sometimes it boots fully and I reach the desktop however the screen is shaky and if I click on an icon, it shakes like crazy and...
  11. H

    Windows 7 Crashed on Desktop PC - F11 Options Fail

    My Windows 7 OS crashed on my Desktop PC... When I try to run any of the F11 Recovery choices, System Restore, etc., the mouse and keyboard freeze up. NONE of the Recovery options are useable On bootup, a BSOD quickly flashes, then Your System Was Unable to start comes up. I can select...
  12. B

    Win7 Boot DVD issues, freezing

    Custom Gaming PC, Tech Specs: Motherboard: ASUS Tek P8Z77-V PRO | Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 Ti Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB | RAM: 2x 4GB, 1600kH, DDR3 CD Drive: ASUS DVD+R | USB Wired Mechanical keyboard | USB Wired Razer mouse...
  13. C

    Mouse and keyboard won’t work when I’m installing windows 7

    When I’m booting in to the windows 7 install screen my mouse or keyboard won’t work
  14. L

    8 Year Old Laptop Recovery Wizard Error

    I need help my laptop is kinda old and when im trying to formatting it using the boot recovery wizard it will just show an error has occured and it will shut down the laptop i really need to format it because its slow im planning to use it for my classes. laptop model/os:Toshiba satellite pro...
  15. I

    Windows 7 BSOD

    Hi all, I'm running windows 7 x64. The BSOD occured after I used a program called driver hub to update my drivers. It was going well, however after attempting to download a driver (I believe it had to do with a USB driver but I can't confirm) my computer shutdown. I restarted the computer and...
  16. S

    My access control messed up

    So I was playing around with my PC, and tried to experiment with my computer's NTLM hashed passwords. I found this Python script that was supposed gave me the hashed passwords. It involved a Powershell script that temporarily gave out permissions for the script to scour for the registry keys...
  17. T

    Toshiba Laptop won't start

    Hello, I am in dire need of assistance. I have an older Toshiba laptop that is either a L55 or something for the model from 2012 (don't think this is that important) that won't start up. It was working fine as of last night, it isn't a virus or anything, and I do not believe it recently updated...
  18. A

    Sometimes I cannot ping default gateway

    In our office we have old windows 7 laptop and old windows 7 desktop. Sometimes we can't connect to the internet. Windows 7 troubeshooting reports that it cant reach the gateway. Sometimes helps reseting network card, sometimes not. I tried to ping it manually from cmd and it sometimes solve the...
  19. C

    Forgotten Password!

    I have a Windows 7 system, and I’ve forgotten my password. I can’t log in to my computer at all. I don’t have a reset disk for this computer, and I was wondering how (if at all possible) to change or recover my password with it still being locked?
  20. J

    Remove Folders At My Computer

    I am using Windows 7, and have two empty folders at My Computer which cannot be deleted.