windows 8 help

  1. M

    Computer won’t boot up

    Hi! I have a problem with my pc. I have a windows 8.1 Inspiron dell computer that won’t boot up properly at all. It started when I tried booting it up and was greeted by a “preparing automatic repair” loading screen, shortly followed by a “diagnosing your pc” loading that lasted forever and...
  2. K

    Repairing disk Errors

    I am currently trying to run an old Lenovo G50-45. The OS runs on Windows 8, and Every time the computer boots up, it repetitively goes through a process of “Diagnosing your PC”, “Preparing Automatic Repairs”, and “Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour”. Due to this, I can no...
  3. nabasheer

    Remove everything and reinstall Windows option

    Hi, I need to use "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" option on my Windows 8 PC. But I need to know whether it will affect my files in other drives (Like D, E drives). Regards, Basheer