windows 8.1

  1. J

    Asus X522E Windows 8.1 wont start up

    So I loaned my laptop to a friend about 6 months ago and he said it randomly turned off and hasn't started since. Upon trying to start the device it comes to a screen saying preparing to repair and then i get a message on the next screen saying diagnosing your pc. It will stay on this screen and...
  2. Minerva123

    No bootable device found?

    Ok so the problem I'm having is that when I turn my laptop on it won't boot up from the hard drive that already has windows 8.1. Failed to load media and not bootable device found. I checked my bios and shows my hard drive thats conected. I can hear my hard drive spinning. Its also a Toshiba...
  3. K

    Windows 8.1 Unbootable device please restart system

    I know that there are a lot of threads around the internet about this. But in their case, it randomly happened. I accidentally created this issue on my computer. I went to do a factory reset on my Toshiba Satellite C55 computer and i accidentally clicked reset hard drive and I cancelled at 1%. I...
  4. nabasheer

    Remove everything and reinstall Windows option

    Hi, I need to use "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" option on my Windows 8 PC. But I need to know whether it will affect my files in other drives (Like D, E drives). Regards, Basheer
  5. S

    Internet not working after bluesceen windows 8.1

    just little bit ago, one of my buddies was over at my house and accidentally yanked my computer cord out of the wall, once i started it back up, i noticed it gave me a bluesceen (i sadly did not record the error) and had to reset the computer to factory settings. But once it started up again, my...
  6. I

    Windows attempts to chkdsk a phantom Volume at every startup

    The question(s) of this post are the following: This Windows 8.1 installation is executing what appears to be a chkdsk on every boot, specifying the following message at boot: Scanning and Repairing \\?\Volume{4293f4d0-c749-11e6-88 This windows installation appears to register a Volume for...
  7. F

    Gray screen after attempted login on WIndows 8.1

    My laptop is is an HP ENVY m6 Notebook PC, serial code: CND3010HN6 Hello, the past couple of days whenever I have tried to login to my laptop I am presented with a blank gray screen. Here's how it typically goes down: Turn on laptop using power button (after hard shut down) Boot screen with HP...
  8. G

    Solved CMD cd command ( cannot find the path specified)

    I tried to change a file directory for modding using the cd on cmd, i followed this website steps. But it's not working and showed that it cannot find the path specified. my specs Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit Processor...
  9. E

    Can't find bluetooth

    Hello, I can't find bluetooth anywhere, and don't know what to do I don't have bluetooth on my Device Manager Do i have to download a driver? where? I have an Asus laptop with windows 8.1 Please HELP! Thanks
  10. S

    Booting issue

    Hello . I have HP laptop with windows 8 installed. A recent update has caused my system to boot up very slowly. As I start my pc HP logo comes and windows animation that includes circles start revolving but within few seconds the circle stuck up and complete becomes very slow . It takes 20 mins...
  11. W

    Solved Computer can't run anything and I can open system settings.

    I have an Acer Apire X running windows 8.1 i had the computer until about 2 years back when it got a virus i took it to the shop and didint see it till about a week ago. the computer cannot run system settings, task manager or any other system related sofware. (the error just says "unpesified...
  12. agent_washingtub

    Computer will no longer start up

    This problem presented itself about a week ago when I restarted my pc to install updates. It no longer seems to fully power up. I press the power button, it lights up, all the fans seem to work, graphic card fan is running and power light is green, but no signal gets sent to the monitor. No...
  13. A

    Facebook not loading on Firefox and only partly on Chrome

    Hello. I am new here and am daunted by all the technical jargon you all so brilliantly use, so please be patient. :) I have a Lenovo Laptop and am using Windows version 8.1 (this is where my knowledge of computers ends). I need my Facebook account for work to promote my buisness and it isn't...
  14. S

    Windows Files are always getting corrupted.

    Hello, Over the past few weeks, my Windows files have always been getting corrupted. The hard thing is that it is an error every different time saying that some file is missing. For example, today, I did a system restore. I have done this many times and before I got to the setup screen for...
  15. D

    Windows 8.1 Wont Boot

    So first my computer was endlessly running Windows installer and i tried everything to cancel it so i decided to refresh windows 8.1, Halfway through the refresh stopped and now everytime i try and turn on my pc i hear the noises and the beep but my screen just stays black
  16. C

    Computer keeps loading windows endlessly

    My desktop (windows 7) was working fine but I had to move it to another room for a couple of days. When I plugged it back, windows 7 was endlessly loading and i could only enter in safe mode but with no solutions. After trying many things and failing, I've decided to install Ubuntu and...
  17. D

    Solved huion h58l graphic tablet problem with duel monitors

    hi. i'm having a problem with huion, H58L pen tablet and dual monitors. the pen works only on my second monitor and not my main one, I've try changing this in the setting "configure- configure your pen and touch displays" under the control panel, the program tells me to use the tablet and pen...
  18. X

    Bios Wont Boot my Bootable USB with Windows 8.1

    hello everyone, Im currently a new pc builder and just finished putting together my pc. Currently I'm using a MSI H110 Gaming mobo and I'm able to enter bios. I made a bootable usb drive with windows 8.1 on my mac with OS X el-capitan. Ive changed the boot order to my USB. The issue is that...
  19. D

    Solved indows 8.1 installation error - Blue Screen Error

    Hi Everyone, I'll begin by giving a brief background on whats going on. I have a Dell Inspiron 660s - Its a few years old. My hard drive was failing so I had to replace it. I replaced the hard drive and re-installed the original OS media (Windows 8). After I was finally up and running I...
  20. D

    Laptop can't turn on after moving back to Win 8.1

    Hi! Recently, I upgraded my Laptop to Win 10. However, because a program doesn't work in Windows 10, I decided to go back to Windows 8.1. I did it through the "Settings" that you can find by clicking the "Start" button. After the computer restarts for Windows 8.1, it's all normal - Until after I...