1. H

    Blue screen every time I startup my pc

    Hi all, First post on here. I have my own pc build and never had any problems with it before. I’m going to provide as much info about my issue as possible because it’s getting to the point where I’m going to give up searching for answers. At the start of this month I got an Oculus Rift S and...
  2. CreepYsk

    Stuck at "ACER" boot screen after windows 10 update.

    So basically. I was trying now for a year to update windows 10 from factory version 1703 to 1909 currently. And I ran into an issue. I let the windows download the update, restart the computer, but then, it just won't do anything else then just turn on, show ACER logo and that's it. Nothing is...
  3. anoopshetty1998

    Improve the speed of Inspiron 15 3552

    I have a dell Inspiron 15 3552(Windows 8.1), 4gb RAM(single slot), 500 GB HDD with Pentium processor. I need to improve the speed and overall performance of my laptop, what option should I select? 1) Replace 4gb RAM with 8gb. i.e( 8gb RAM +500gb HDD) 2)Keep ram 4gb as it is and replace the dvd...
  4. AriesX93

    Windows 7 update help

    Windows 7 home Perm SP1. i have freshly installed this on my hard drive, I had to use a none factory issues windows 7 disk, but allowed to use my code for activation. i have ran had to install computer drivers myself including the Nic card. now i am trying to get update though the windows...
  5. O

    Itunes (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

    I'm having trouble with the latest version of I tunes . Is not I staling .it said that my PC won't accept it . Plshelp
  6. Y

    Solved C: User Profiles

    Hello-- I work for a large company, and today access my C:Users folder, to find a folder with a username of someone who has not physically used my computer to sign-in via Windows. Is it possible this user remote-accessed my computer? Or why would there by a folder in C:Users with their...
  7. guen

    New RAM wont boot into Windows

    Hi veryone, hope you're doing fine, I just bought a new ram - fury hyperx 1x8gb ( https://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/HX318C10F_8.pdf ) - and it won't boot into windows, giving blue screen and a bunch of error messages like memory_management, bad_pool_reader, acpi_bios_error each time i try to...