1. AriesX93

    Windows 7 update help

    Windows 7 home Perm SP1. i have freshly installed this on my hard drive, I had to use a none factory issues windows 7 disk, but allowed to use my code for activation. i have ran had to install computer drivers myself including the Nic card. now i am trying to get update though the windows...
  2. O

    Itunes (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

    I'm having trouble with the latest version of I tunes . Is not I staling .it said that my PC won't accept it . Plshelp
  3. Y

    Solved C: User Profiles

    Hello-- I work for a large company, and today access my C:Users folder, to find a folder with a username of someone who has not physically used my computer to sign-in via Windows. Is it possible this user remote-accessed my computer? Or why would there by a folder in C:Users with their...
  4. guen

    New RAM wont boot into Windows

    Hi veryone, hope you're doing fine, I just bought a new ram - fury hyperx 1x8gb ( https://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/HX318C10F_8.pdf ) - and it won't boot into windows, giving blue screen and a bunch of error messages like memory_management, bad_pool_reader, acpi_bios_error each time i try to...