windows 95

  1. S

    I downloaded windows 95 on my windows 10 computer

    Hello. I downloaded this file from this link (yes i know that it was a horrible idea)^ and now I have a bunch of really old files. They created some sort of a disc (pic related) and I can't delete it. What should...
  2. IDemandAPanda

    Uninstall Corrupt File - Windows 10

    Hello, I’m trying to play Windows 95 games on my Windows 10 computer but am having some problems. When I tried to install one game, it only got to 83%. I waited a while before I eventually had to close the program using the Task Manager. As a result, the file became corrupted and will only let...
  3. usingh066397

    Install windows 98 SE on ProBook 6450b

    For context, i am only booting from the cd, rather than the boot floppy, could this solve the problem? it has win xp already installed, i made a drive partition for win98, need help
  4. L

    Windows95 emulator

    Felix Rieseberg came out with a Windows 95 virtual machine/emulator. I am trying to load a Windows 95 program which will not run even in compatibility mode on Windows 10. That's the reason I'm trying the virtual machine. I made an iso image folder from the program CD and mounted it in Windows...
  5. M

    Operating System not found, Gateway 2000 Solo 2100, Win 95

    Hello. I am trying to fix my mother's old Gateway 2000 Solo 2100 laptop. It used to work perfectly fine, except for a bad battery, but one day when I turned it on I got an "operating system not found" message. I believe it was running Windows 95 before this began happening. I can't say for...
  6. TheSwaggiestLoser

    Catz3 on Windows Vista(Gateway): DVD/CD driver won't work

    My crappy Windows Vista isn't the best, but when I put in Catz 3 to play 2 days ago, it wouldn't work because the device/driver malfunctioned or something. Also, catz 3 is incompatible with my Windows 10 laptop. I try to launch the setup in the appropriate compatibility mode, but it still won't...
  7. M

    Solved Compatibility Question

    I have Toshiba with windows 10. I have old 3.5 diskettes that I want to extract information. I want to buy 3.5 diskette reader that is compatible with windows 10 but does not say compatible with older windows 95. I can't find any that say compatible with windows 95. Unfortunately, the...
  8. F

    Backup W95 while it is running to an .iso or the like

    We have some old machines that are running old software and old drivers and would be very expensive to replace. The issue is that these machines are 15 years old and we are worried that they are going to fail soon. We also don't want to turn them off for fear they won't start up again. We would...