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    Windows error recovery on start up. Keyboard not responding.

    I turned on my Toshiba Satellite Laptop after it being off all night and it goes to Windows Error Recovery. Says files may have been damaged or incorrectly configured. This wouldn't be an issue except for MY KEYBOARD IS NOT RESPONDING. I don't have one I can plug into it either. I'm pretty sure...
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    Notebook won't start, error recovery

    Hello there I have a notebook, it is HP Pavillion G4-1318TX with Windows 7 64bit, I bought it around 2011. So, last night, I wanted to install Bitdefender anvir but sadly it's stuck at 99% and made my notebook froze. So, I can't do anything at all and I chose to hard restart it. And when I...
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    Windows 10 "Unmountable Boot Volume" Error!

    Hello. I recently purchased a Dell Alienware 17 from a licensed refurbished Dell vendor on eBay earlier this year, and it came with Windows 10 installed (no recovery disk, though I could make one myself). The laptop works fine most of the time, however I occasionally get an immediate blue screen...