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  1. CationAnion

    Get disconnected when opening Windows Explorer

    Whenever I open, any windows explorer, my internet drops to 0 kbps for more than 10 seconds. It is noticeable whenever I'm on Discord or any platform that has live interactions such as online games and zoom meetings. I do not necessarily get disconnected. All feedbacks were just cut at the...
  2. J

    USB Drive run explorer.exe up to 100% of CPU.

    First, let me say thank you for being here! I have a cheap Walmart HP 15. I also, have a Seagate Freeagent Goflex. I also have a WD Mybook. First it started with the Goflex then over to the Mybook. Whenever I plug either of them in they drive explorer.exe up towards 100% of the processor. I...
  3. J

    Windows Explorer Crashes

    I can't access my files especially if it is on windows explorer. Also if i press the start button and search, automatically windows explorer crashes. From what i've remembered, I installed LoL and after i tried to play it, i received an error that my windows explorer is not responding. Also...
  4. J

    Windows Explorer Window Showing drives from A-Z

    Hi, please help me with my concern, my windows explorer window show's all the network drives from A to Z but all drives same content, and my problem if i insert Flash Drive i cannot identify which one. how can i eliminate those unnecessary drives? thanks in advance.
  5. L

    Automatically delete file from folder after moving to anothe

    In the past, on any op sys., I've been able to move, drag, a file from one folder to another and have the file drop in to the new folder and automatically remove itself from the folder being moved from. Now I cannot do this. How do I reset this feature in my Windows Explorer folder?
  6. T

    Solved Windows Explorer in a crash loop

    I'm trying to fix a problem on a Win10 64bit Home machine which, I think, happened after a recent update. When booting into normal mode the user experiences a desktop which flashes on and off at about one second intervals. I've discovered that this is because Windows Explorer is continually...
  7. G

    Recent Places in Windows Explorer

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2 Processor Count: 2 RAM: 2815 Mb Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics...
  8. M

    Windows Explorer using 50% CPU at all times

    Hi all, So I noticed a few days ago that my Windows Explorer is using up to 52% of my CPU at all times. I used the process explorer and found out that there are 7 instances of the same process under Windows Explorer, each using around 6 to 7% of the CPU. Name of the process was something like...
  9. M

    Solved Windows 10 explorer restart loop

    My laptop worked fine untill I downloaded google chrome. About 5 minutes after it got installed the laptop crashed. It boots fine and I can login like normal. But after that the windows explorer continues to restart every 1-2 seconds. It takes about 1 sec for it to restart and I can't do...
  10. lukasBunt

    My windows explorer (explorer.exe) keeps crashing

    everytime right after start up Because of ntdll.dll, exeption c0000005, crushing in safe mode also, started crushing after Avast update If you will navigate me, I can upload some logs... I've probably completly fcked my ntdell.dll and explorer.exe because I was trying to replace/fix/rename/...
  11. C

    Windows Explorer refreshes 5 secs after right clicking file

    Hello. I'm new to this forum so I hope this is under the right thread. I wasn't sure it fell more under Windows 10 or virus, but I do not know if I have a virus or not so I chose Windows 10. Anyways, whenever I right click on a file in Windows Explorer, Explorer refreshes within 5 seconds and...
  12. P

    I'm lost, or at a least my USB Ports are! Help

    Hi & Good morning... I was having a problem with my PC's USB ports. I ran into a boot loop a few months ago, and luckily was able to use my Hiren's boot CD to recover back to an earlier date in time, which did work. The recovery method in which I used stopped the boot loop. However, another...
  13. K

    Solved Windows Explorer Scroll Bar Hides Columns

    This happened for many years until a few days ago: In Windows Explorer (in Windows 7), when I click on a folder on the left side of the screen, four columns are displayed on the right side of the screen: Name, Date modified, Size, Type; and the scroll bar is on the far right side of the screen...