windows installation

  1. Keegangough

    Can’t install windows 10 via USB

    My HP pavilion 17 laptop crashed on me a while back and I was left with the bare OS. I am now trying to boot windows via usb but it’s not working on any of the partitions. I have tried using command “diskpart” “list disk” etc. But after “diskpart” it doesn’t let me type anything else. I have...
  2. F

    Solved Blue screen of death

    Hello! Yesterday i got the so called blue screen of death and I have tried a lot of solutions but now decided to download the windows media creation tool on USB. When i now plugged it in I can't install it because it stands that it cant be installed because of the partition that's not formatted...
  3. B

    New build. Can't load any OS.

    New build. gamer-x diy pc case. asus h170 m plus. seagate 1 tb HD. i5 6400 cpu. gtx 950 graphics card. I started my pc. popped in the win 10 usb and i got a sick pc error. Everything is new psu is a cmx 750 watt. I plug the usb in. it asks which bit. i select 64. per manufacturers requiements...
  4. X

    Asus Transformer Laptop. cannot install any Windows OS.

    On booting it goes to 'automatic repair' and all options of reset, restore, refresh didn't work. So I tried installing windows 10 from a usb key and later from disc, tried installing windows 8.1 from usb and also from disc and all that didn't work. I downloaded directly from Microsoft, windows...