windows live mail

  1. S

    Can't log into Windows Live Mail after malware removal

    My Sophos antivirus system detected some malware on my laptop (Dell running Windows 7) and immediately quarantined it. I then deleted/"cleaned up" the three items it had identified (TROJ/VB-GYS virus, BitCoinMiner adware, and Infinity Toolkit), after which it shows all clear/clean. However, when...
  2. C

    Windows Live Mail doesn't mail

    Hi Tech Guys: You have helped me on so many other issues! This one should be easy. On many websites, there appears a pop up for WindowsLiveMail, when a person wants to communicate with the owners of the site. On my last computer this worked fine. On my present one, HP, using Windows 10, I...
  3. S

    Has Windows 10 killed draft facility on Windows Live Mail

    I've just changed from Windows 7 to 10 and have been happy with the improved response and speed . However I've noted that my Windows Live Mail has changed in that it no longer automatically saves E mails on which I am working as a draft . The heading at the side still include Draft but nothing...
  4. bobs-here

    Email for users of Windows Live Mail (may 6th)

    if anyone else has had an email from Microsoft regarding Windows Live Mail. This was in mine today. Have a look at the following threads from the Windows 10 Forums, especially the 2nd one for more: Windows live mail ending - Windows 10 Forums Windows Live Mail 2012 will not connect to...
  5. J

    Able to receive email, but not send in WLM & Outlook Express

    Here at the doctor's office I work at, all of a sudden last Thursday, a prompt came up asking us to put our login credentials for our email upon sending an email, which is NEVER does. The user name and password was all saved, so we just clicked OK. Our email addresses are all different and all...