windows media player

  1. cwwozniak

    Solved Prevent CD Autplay in Win Media Player 12

    I am using Windows Media Player 12 on my desktop running 64 Bit Window 10 Professional. How do I get it not to automatically start playing any audio CD I put in the drive? If the program is running and I insert a commercially made Audio CD in the optical drive, WMP will then start playing the...
  2. AntonyM64

    WMP and File Explorer show mp3s as "unknown"

    Hopefully someone can help with this odd problem. Everything was fine until the other day. Then I noticed that a few songs in Windows Media Player were no longer showing Artist or Album info. So I rebuilt the WMP library, and now NONE of my mp3s have ANY info. But m4a files do. And this is...
  3. Robert the Bruce

    Windows Media Player Puzzling

    I inserted a DVD into my PC and waited for Windows Media Player to begin playing the DVD. It didn't. I went to 'Start' - 'Windows Media Player' but still couldn't find a way to play this DVD. I went to 'This PC' and saw (see screenshot) but no option to play the disc in Windows Media Player...
  4. B

    media player opening automatically

    my vlc player opens up during startup and when i close it it keeps opening back up multiple windows. i unistalled vlc but the same happens with media player
  5. B

    Solved Commercial CD's that used to play, but now don't

    I bought a collection of six (6) CD's that provided audio support for an educational book on trading currencies. A few years ago, I used to pop them in a CD player and follow along in the book to gain knowledge. I assumed I'd always be able to play these. I tried playing them on my pc...
  6. E

    Windows Photo story 3 transition settings get messed up...

    Hi I used Windows Photo Story 3 to create a video. I set movement per image and gave a transition to each image. I then made it into a wmv file. On Windows Media Player all is well with the transition settings. When I put the wmv into another media player (VLC media player) the transitions DO...
  7. I

    Sound Recorder Runs 1.5 hours, but shows a 6 hr recording

    I'm wondering if anyone knows something I don't that may contribute to additional ideas leading to the answer (that spark we all sometimes need!), or have a direct answer, to why this could occur: I left the house at 4:55 PM with Sound Recorder running. I came back to the house at 6:20 PM...
  8. G

    Why do I have silent podcast in media player

    If anyone here can help, four days ago my Windows media player stoped playing podcast audio. In some cases the podcast from the same provider plays one episode but not any others (no DRM mostly BBC). The visualizations play as if the audio is playing but there is no sound. All my podcasts play...
  9. H

    Cd playback problems

    Since I upgraded to windows 10 I've been unable to play cd's, the computer recognizes them, WMP shows the album art and the bar moves along as if it's playing but theres no sound, theres sound for all other aspects of my laptop. I also can't rip a cd it shows as error. I have tried other players...
  10. somhrsh

    how to cast video using VLC(WLAN)

    like we can do with wmp can we also do it with vlc if yes then how