windows server

  1. P

    Monitor DNS, DHCP and Print servers main services status.

    I'm a beginner in this subject (I'm learning), but I'll do my best explaining. So, the company I work for currently only monitors and manages storage and CPU. The firewall is already set up too. Our infrastructure is Windows Server 2012 and 2016. We work with Virtual Machines. In terms of...
  2. P

    SAP Windows server

    Hi Im leaning sap in windows 10 i have to use vm ware to run sap every time and it is hanging system and time consuming, if i install windows sever directly into system formatting win 10 do i still need to use vm ware to use sap application, please advice which windows version server is best ...
  3. A

    Sharp AR-6020

    Hi. i tried every single driver for installing this printer but none worked. it is sharp ar-6020. windows server 2008 r2 i would appreciate your help
  4. madstamoo

    Solved Installing SharePoint?!!

    I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTER SOFTWARE/HARDWARE/CODES AND ALL THAT CONFUSING STUFF OK?? I would really love some help - I'm trying to install SharePoint so I can edit all my documents from multiple devices without having to constantly put new versions of my documents on the cloud. (Will it even...
  5. A

    Transform Ethernet LAN in to a wireless LAN

    Hi guys, In my office we have a windows server, 10 pc's and 3 printers. All devices are interconnected through a wired network. We have some business applications installed on the server and set up them to launch from client computers. As we are going to move to a new office space we have an...
  6. J

    Access openfire from Windows server

    I am new on windows server i want to install openfire server on Windows server and want to aceess that via any mobile app. i am using asmack library to access with openfire server. I know my pc IP address so i can use it my localhost. When i want to use Openfire server which is installed on...
  7. H


    I’m running windows server 2012 r2, which is also running the exchange server 2013. I have bought SSL certificate from go daddy for, and is imported successfully into the exchange server. In terms of receiving/sending mail internal/external is working successfully, but I...
  8. H

    Solved Migrate Role

    Hi! I'm having issues picking up my current server, which is running windows server 2012 R2 on my new server. The new server had fresh copy of windows server 2008 R2 installed and was then upgraded to windows server 2012 R2,this was done for learning purpose as I'm a student. Now, I'm trying...
  9. G

    We have a windows 2008 standard server (R2 edition) & 4 sys

    We have a windows 2008 standard server (R2 edition) & 4 help me!