1. jamesowen1001

    Graphics Tablet not connecting to PC

    I have a Huion Kamvas 13 which I bought from amazon. The tablet works fine with my laptop, but for some reason it doesn't work with my PC. It works as a second monitor, but the driver software doesn't register it as connected. I have tried all the suggestions from the following pages...
  2. Fingerprint

    Solved Windows 10 Is Crashing Upon Setup

    My Brand New PC I just Built is crashing upon Setup. Usually At The Part Where it gets to the Network Tab. Its not my power supply, I've Replaced my SSD once and its still doing it. I've Tried to install the os onto my hard drive but it wont let me. I was trying to see if it was stable or not...
  3. yulop6

    Reinstall Windows 10 Without Data Loss

    Hi, I recently have needed to reinstall windows 10. I tried using the media creation tool from Microsoft. Doing this led to me getting stuck in an automatic repair loop which eventually I managed to get out of. I still now need to reinstall windows but I don't want to use this method again in...
  4. S

    Xbox Game Pass PC Install Error

    Every time I try to install a game on Xbox game pass pc I get the error code 0x00000001. When I click install on games through the Microsoft store it does not respond. any ideas?
  5. S

    Xbox Game pass PC storage

    I have recently purchased a gaming laptop and downloaded Xbox game pass for pc. I downloaded a couple of games and then uninstalled them after deciding I didn't want them any more. after uninstalling the games through the Xbox app I realised that the games were still taking up storage space...
  6. N

    Headphones being recognised as speakers not as headphones

    Hello guys, is there someone who can help me with my audio. Yesterday I bought a pair of headset and they are being recognised as speakers, not as headphone and they have a different sound. Let me know if there's someone who can help me. Thanks!
  7. Ethanbowen101010

    My Old Hardrive took over the new one

    I watched a video on how to clone ur bad hardrive onto your new one to move windows 10 onto there, I did it and everything seemed fine while it was happening until the next morning I woke up and checked, now I see a c drive that was the bad one, and I see a, a drive that was my new one, except...
  8. Fronkle

    PC boots to black screen

    First post here because I have been unable to figure out how to solve this on my own. My PC whenever it is turned on boots up as normal but then stops at a black screen where I can move my mouse and do nothing else. I can reach the BIOS menu and it bluescreened at one point and I was able to...
  9. R

    XFX RX 5700XT keeps crashing

    I have a XFX RX 5700XT and it was working fine and then all of a sudden started crashing on all games. I have updated the drivers to the latest. And I have also updated Windows fully. I have also completely wiped my computer and started again with fresh install of drivers and windows 10. And its...
  10. A

    High CPU usage with no underlying process to be found!

    I have this very scary situation when suddenly everything is going so sloooow. I close every application, then I open Task Manager, hit "Show processes form all users", and it says: System Idle Process: 98%, CPU Usage: 40%. I scan all the processes. they are all "quiet". must be a hidden...
  11. CGlick97

    PC powering on, but not booting up.

    My PC has suddenly stopped booting up and occasionally will not power on at all. On the times it does power on, it will not boot at all. Occasionally it would sound as if it was whirring up, then suddenly would stop and try booting up again. I took a friends advice to check the PSU by unplugging...
  12. Chilt01

    Windows drive cloning strangeness

    Hi, this is my first post here, hopefully someone can help. I have cloned my one of my 3 old drives. I cloned my C:drive so to have my windows boot and run from my newer faster drive (1Tb NVMe SSD). Since cloning neither the two drive will boot from bios. Now the strangest bit is my HHD is the...
  13. K

    Desktop doesn't show up when LAN is connected!!

    The PC boots up quite right when the ethernet cable is disconnected but when it is left on at start up, the display goes blank after the user selection screen. It becomes normal after about half an hour. I don't know if I should get a new LAN card or if the problem is a software related one. PC...
  14. WifeHelp

    Windows recovery tool

    My laptop crashed after a windows update. I have a windows recovery tool I downloaded onto a USB but when I try to install it none of the drives work. We get windows set up screen but none of those folders work either. I have attached some pictures. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. deuZige

    Wordpress site not reachable by domain name adres.

    I cannot reach my wordpress website on my server using domain name. only from lan using local ip or localhost. I am in absolutely the worst IT hell I have experienced for as far as I can remember. I need someone to help me fix this or I will go completely and irrevocable bonkers… or at least...
  16. lucifer.489

    Transfer usb live persistence linux to SSD partition

    Dear tech-support: I am a windows user but also i use kali linux in usb with live persistence. But since my usb is not having enough storage i want to install that same usb linux on my computer SSD partition with all other persistent data without getting lost. Please help me in this.
  17. M

    Bypass login shortcut Or way round to cmd

    can anybody advice me im using a dell inspiron 1545 im unsure how iv even done it but im trying get on cmd but cant get past login screen ,iv no reset disk & i didt no really wot i was doing if i try reset password it shows my hint but asks me put disk in ,is there a short cut on safe-mode to...
  18. E

    New pc installing windows

    My gf just build a new pc and shes trying to install windows so shes went to the website and put it on a usb but when she plugs it in to the new pc and goes to bios to put the usb as the #1 boot option it doesnt boot the windows from the usb
  19. K

    Solved Windows 10 malware? Stuck in safe mode

    So...where the problem started... My pc started freezing. So I restarted it (happened like 6x times?) . Then I was unable to login into windows. I entered a password and it just said: "Welcome" and thats all. Nothing else. It was just loading over and over again... Then it made into a safe...
  20. ConsciousThinker

    Attaching System HDD to a newer generation of CPU & RAM

    Current System Config: OS INFO ============================ OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS Version: 10.0.18363 N/A Build 18363 BIOS Version: American Megatrends Inc. V17.10, 8/10/2012 System Type: x64-based PC...