1. A

    Attempting repairs error

    I installed a game on my pc and then restarted it... And then it showed some problems..., and now it is saying... " ATTEMPTING REPAIRS " . Please help.., how to repair it... Is there any other way or I should wait. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.
  2. Ovivtopher

    Lag Time when typing/using mouse - Windows 10

    In August, I posted a thread about keyboard/mouse lag time. The issue was, and still is, that when I type, move the mouse, scroll, open/close folders, click on links, etc. the action doesn't always display on the screen or responds in sync, but rather a few seconds later. Some days the lag time...
  3. K

    Windows 10 ISO

    Is the windows 10 ISO file ALL I need to put on a bootable USB drive to install windows 10 onto a clean and wiped laptop Hard Disk?
  4. M

    Headphone Amp/DAC--USB"Not Enough Resources for this Device"

    I just equipped a headphone amplifier/DAC (FiiO E10K) for my hi-fi headphones (Philips SHP9500), which is connected to my desktop: [Desktop > AMP > Headphones]. I got a message from Windows saying that I don't have enough resources for the controller. It seems like I only get this message when...
  5. S

    Solved AfterFX.dll file is not working!!!

    I am using a windows 10 64 bit operating system and my Adobe After Effects program is no longer working! First it said that it could not find the opencv_world341.dll file so I downloaded that then went onto the command center and tried to register it but it wouldn't work???? I couldn't register...
  6. J

    Solved Laptop is super laggy

    This laptop operates on Windows 10. Intel Celeron Processor N3350. Aspire ES1 - 132. I don't know if its necessary information but here it is. Have already updated graphics driver. Have already disabled all startups and most services. So, this laptop keeps lagging even though I have like...
  7. P

    Windows Won't Boot

    I can’t get into my computer. It’s stuck on bios and advanced options screen and it won’t repair with giving me a message saying it can’t. I’m not sure what else to do and I don’t want reinstall windows without consultation.
  8. Crazysexybear

    Screen resolution changing when in full screen

    Hey So I've have my desktop pc for about a month now and this probleme keeps happening. When I go into fullscreen on a game or a Yputube video, the resolution changes. I have to change it back manually into the nvidia control panel and this is really annoying. For games, I have to play in...
  9. N

    Chromium to Windows 10 mess up

    My friend had attempted to boot the Windows 10 OS on a Chromebook but had recently moved away and didn’t finish. Apparently I need a bootable USB to connect to it in order to put Windows on there? All i want at this point is to go back to the Chrome OS. Any tips?
  10. F

    When i log in on my computer im bombarded by startup windows

    Each time I long into my account on my laptop to wait at least five minutes for a bunch of windows to startup because if I click while they are starting, the laptop will crash. How do I get rid of these startup windows?
  11. C

    Games are not running like they used too.

    I built a pc sometime last year and everything was fine until about a couple months ago. One day it wouldn't turn on and I realized that it was probably because the CPU wasn't working, I opened it all up and cleaned everything and all the dust, and that made it turn on. But not even though it...
  12. bazzzsm

    Constant bursts of screen flickering: tried common solutions

    Hi! I get random bursts of screen flickering on my laptop which usually stop when I go exit to my desktop only to restart as soon as I reopen the program. The flickers continue while using task manager which (if the sources I've looked at are correct) means it's a video card driver issue. I've...
  13. S

    Audio output device

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall software, I even got on drivereasy.com and updated everything and my sound still isnt working and it says no audio output device is installed. I have 3 lectures I have to listen to and complete by sunday so i really need this fixed, feel like i have done...