1. Benyyi

    Computer won’t boot no matter what (Windows 10)

    When I start my computer it either loads for ever or has the “Automatic repair” load, when it has the automatic repair it loads a couple seconds and then the screen turns black, I see a glimpse of a command prompt and then it goes black. If I move my mouse a bit a cursor appears, I’ve tried to...
  2. Brandon111

    Keyboard issue

    My keyboard is typing multiple characters when one is pressed h - > hy6 y - > hy6 6 - > hy6 etc. , this is happening to almost my whole keyboard it started after I went to sleep and turned on my laptop the next day, the first 2 days i was able to fix it by playing around with the...
  3. B

    Sound Issues

    I have had an issue with the sound on my computer for quite a while now. At first, I had been trying to fix an issue I had with no sound playing through my headphones, but in trying to fix that, I created another issue, that being that I have no sound at all through my speakers. When I open...
  4. G

    Games are breaking my keyboard??

    I've run into a strange problem, and I've had no luck even finding someone who has the same problem as me. I've found similar issues but nothing that has helped. This has happened to me both when playing Minecraft through the Technic Launcher and Stardew Valley on Steam, I assume it would happen...
  5. D

    System32 taking 30% of CPU

    Few days ago I had problems with Trojan and similar things. I got rid of them with Malwarebytes but now when I go in task manager I see that system is taking 30% of CPU. Dont know what to do or if I should be worried. Second picture I attached is where it takes me after I open file location...
  6. J

    Turn off a Specific Focus Assist Message?

    Guys, I recently updated to the Windows 10 October 2020 update. All went well, but I can't get this Focus Assist message to go away. It is showing up in my Action Center every several hours saying, "Your Notifications will Remain Quiet Here in Action Center When in Full Screen Mode." I know...
  7. bigsquid10101

    PC keeps maxing usages

    I was playing the video game Stellaris when my GPU started throttling and maxing out at 100% usage when I investigated it was only using 2.7GB/8.0GB and temps were 80C+ I quit the game and it died down I restarted to bios to look for the issue couldnt find anything. Couldn't even find gpu...
  8. Alham123

    Unsuccessful BIOS update

    Hi everyone Id be really glad to receive answers. Today I updated BIOS in my lenovo laptop. It was successful but then suddenly My laptop wont boot. It won't run. Its just stuck there. Can anyone tell me the solution?
  9. Louvern

    What can I do to remove trojan virus in my laptop?

    My laptop OS is Windows 10. As soon as I notice that my laptop is infected with trojan virus, I identified the location of the virus file but I cannot delete it. I entered the safe mode and I can't access my user already. (I'm the administrator) so I'm using a guest account. I tried to reformat...
  10. mahin41

    Startup apps crashing and some other odd behaviours

    Something causing my startup apps crash and some other odd behaviours.Here are the problems I am fetching... My desktop is Windows 10 Pro OS Build:19041.450 1.Wifi disconnects suddenly(can't connect again after many attempt) 2.If I open task manager - after 4/5 sec it's not working...
  11. Misakayie

    Corrupted and won’t even reset

    I thought my computer was stuck in the windows 10 reboot loop, but then it wouldn’t even let me wipe my computer clean while resetting or uninstall the latest quality and feature updates. troubleshooting does nothing and being in the startup screen, I have no internet I have no idea what to do...
  12. J

    Windows Search- Search Online With A Screenshot? (Bing)

    Guys, How does the Windows Search icon in Windows 10, "Search Online With a Screenshot Work?" See the uploaded photo below for reference. What are the steps? Jack
  13. L

    I just want to set up a new streaming PC

    I was hoping to find online screenshare assistance because I don't fully trust my technical skills to get my system to run as perfect as i would like. This is a refurbished computer and I really need to use it from streaming, however Windows 10 has decided that I can't use 3rd party software or...
  14. AlexTheGamer

    Alt Button Makes Me Restart PC

    Hi! The alt button on my PC turns on automatically and it freezes up where I can not do anything and I have to restart the computer. I restarted the system once but now I shut down all the time. Can someone help me and get where the alt does not push automatically and makes me restart.
  15. M

    Windows 10 Boot issue from PC I built

    I built a pc from scratch, and it launches into the BIOS without any issues. I have checked, and all the RAM is properly seated. When I created my windows installation media and selected to boot from that Hard Disk Drive that was formatted to FAT32, it would either load to the Republic of Gamers...
  16. T

    Unexplainable Fps drops (should be running fine)

    I'll be playing a game randomly and around every 1 minute ill have a lag spike where my fps drops down to 1fps. I have used malware bytes and avast to try to find a virus but I found none. Its incredibly annoying and it limits what I can do ion my laptop. Also I don't usually have this many apps...
  17. L

    BSOD Memory Management issue

    Helloo.. I followed a tutorial on YT about optimising Windows 10 in 2020, i did alot of stuff including deleting prefetch in the windows file to doing some tweaking to the Virtual Memory. If i can recall i tweaked something in the Virtual Memory. It was the initial size and maximum size for...
  18. A

    no output audio device is installed after install windows 10

    After I reset the laptop (HP Pavilion 10-n200nl detachable -32bit operating system, x64 based processor) and installed windows 10 through USB device the laptop has no audio drivers at all.. In the DEVICE MANAGER it doesn’t even show any option for audio, NO “sound, video and game controllers”...
  19. L

    Exe files not running

    So...I downloaded apps from the internet. It couldn't launched. I looked up some advice, and tried to change the registry. I changed the wrong file by adding the wrong value. It was the 'exe' folder. I changed the default value data from ' exefile ' to “%1” %*. That value was supposed to be in...
  20. TheRealTrejo

    Solved Acer Veriton N281G is almost useless. Can I upgrade to SSD?

    Hi, I'm new here I posted this same in a forum for software but my problem is more about hardware. I recently bought an Acer Veriton N281G, it has an Intel Atom D425 @ 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM and a mechanical 500 GB HDD, but it's almost useless, for some reason Windows 10 didn't install a video...