1. M

    Windows 10 Boot issue from PC I built

    I built a pc from scratch, and it launches into the BIOS without any issues. I have checked, and all the RAM is properly seated. When I created my windows installation media and selected to boot from that Hard Disk Drive that was formatted to FAT32, it would either load to the Republic of Gamers...
  2. T

    Unexplainable Fps drops (should be running fine)

    I'll be playing a game randomly and around every 1 minute ill have a lag spike where my fps drops down to 1fps. I have used malware bytes and avast to try to find a virus but I found none. Its incredibly annoying and it limits what I can do ion my laptop. Also I don't usually have this many apps...
  3. L

    BSOD Memory Management issue

    Helloo.. I followed a tutorial on YT about optimising Windows 10 in 2020, i did alot of stuff including deleting prefetch in the windows file to doing some tweaking to the Virtual Memory. If i can recall i tweaked something in the Virtual Memory. It was the initial size and maximum size for...
  4. A

    no output audio device is installed after install windows 10

    After I reset the laptop (HP Pavilion 10-n200nl detachable -32bit operating system, x64 based processor) and installed windows 10 through USB device the laptop has no audio drivers at all.. In the DEVICE MANAGER it doesn’t even show any option for audio, NO “sound, video and game controllers”...
  5. L

    Exe files not running

    So...I downloaded apps from the internet. It couldn't launched. I looked up some advice, and tried to change the registry. I changed the wrong file by adding the wrong value. It was the 'exe' folder. I changed the default value data from ' exefile ' to “%1” %*. That value was supposed to be in...
  6. TheRealTrejo

    Solved Acer Veriton N281G is almost useless. Can I upgrade to SSD?

    Hi, I'm new here I posted this same in a forum for software but my problem is more about hardware. I recently bought an Acer Veriton N281G, it has an Intel Atom D425 @ 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM and a mechanical 500 GB HDD, but it's almost useless, for some reason Windows 10 didn't install a video...
  7. ollidas

    86x win 10 on 64x machine want install 64x again

    hello i have a 64x processor machine with 32x windows 10 on it i want to reinstall te 64x win 10 but in choose box in the install setup it only display 32x versions how can i solve that prob ?? pc was a gift ... i have new win 10 pro license ....i just want a clean reinstall sorry my...
  8. U

    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL unfixable

    Yesterday, I was playing a game and watching YouTube then, out of nowhere, everything freezes and then I get a blue screen with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on it. After a while of nothing happening, I unplugged and plugged back in my PC, but my monitor, mouse, and keyboard didn't turn on, even though...
  9. O

    SATA Driver Issue

    Hello, I've got a huge issue after updating my SATA drivers, my pc can't start Windows (Win10) and it's stuck at startup. Completely frozen and no matter what I do it's not changing anything at all. I can't even start on safe mode and it just feels like an irreversible problem. Is there...
  10. R

    Internal WiFi card for PC windows 10

    Hey I'm just looking for a realiable, cheap WiFi card and some installation details, I used to be able to use a Ethernet but it seems I won't be able to for a while also I used to use a Netgear item Wich seems to have malfunctioned and I'm looking for a new way to have wifi
  11. gabrielgranados

    Solved DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10

    When I use Windows 10 sometimes when in using the Google Chrome it freezes and crashes to BSOD with "DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION" error, then I restart and I get "Missing Boot MGR". I have another HDD with Windows 7 Ultimate and this problem is inexistent. Also Windows 10 is slow compared with...
  12. C

    Office 365 Word could not create the work file

    Hi there, I`m running on Windows 10 and have recently done a soft reset. Everything is fine other than an error with Word on office 365. On opening a word doc I get the following error: "Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable." I did not do this before I did...
  13. J

    Solved Fresh Install Frozen on Win Logo

    Just build my first PC yesterday and purchased a Windows 10 boot drive usb from Amazon (Microsoft) and am trying to install Windows 10 however as soon as my pc gets to the Windows Logo screen, the dots spin for a bit then it freezes. I have tried restarting but get the same result.
  14. A

    office 365 cant save files to original path

    hi all. i have office 365. i save files to onedrive\documents\subfolders. but when ever i go to any subfolder in onedrive and modify any file it always saves the modified copy to the main documents folder in onedrive. but doesnt save modifications to the file which is in the sub folder. this is...
  15. M

    Tried to factory reset

    Hello fellow humans. I need your help. I was trying to factory reset my Dell Inspiron 15 and that's what I did. I chose the option to wipe everything and that is what it did. Now my computer wont start up full. I'm stuck on this blue screen that says: Recovery your pc needs to be repaired. and...
  16. P

    Cant get laptop back to normal screen

  17. X

    Updating Windows Vista to Windows 10

    Hi, I have here a Dell XPS 6301 that has Windows Vista on it, and I have Windows 10 on a usb. Can anyone give me instructions on how to install the Windows 10 to it? Thank you !
  18. R

    Monitor not turning on

    Hey so my pc is a Aurora r7 alienware and my monitor is some random samsung one and, everytime i leave it by itself it turns off after awhile and its done that again but it hasnt switched back on, its been 2 days. Ive re-plugged everything countless times, restarted, and waited for it to turn...
  19. I

    Solved Black Screen with Cmd Prompt after boot up (win 10)

    Hello, my problem is that after booting my computer (win 10 64bit) I normally log into my account but then instead of my normal screen with icon appears a black screen on both monitors with cmd window running. I can get into task manager through ctrl-alt-del then run explorer and use my computer...
  20. J

    Small Notepad Bug and Default Settings Question?

    From time to time in Notepad on printed files, and only on printed files, the letters at the end of sentences will be bunched together. I am using the new version of Notepad in Windows 10 Build 1809. The letters are not on top of each other, but there might be only a centimeter of space...