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    Office Runs On Remote Access

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    Internet Problems

    Whenever I try playing a game on my computer the wifi goes to one bar and then I immediately get disconnected.
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    Solved Screen resolution

    Hello, I'm having problems setting my screen resolution. Here's the problem: My main monitor is an HP Compaq LA2205wg, which has a resolution of 1680x1050. I've used this one for about six years now, and it always ran on 1680x1050. Two weeks ago, I added a second monitor. This one, an...
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    Solved accidently shut down pc while on sleep now win7 not loading.

    Plz help..!my pc was on sleep mode and i accidently unplugged it.When i started again ,after showing usual boot screen it shows a black screen ..no sign of windows7.I know i just need to reinstall windows but i dont have enough drive space ..so i have to completly format a drive but i dont want...