1. D

    Can Someone Please Help Me Factory Reset My Computer

    Hey, im new here and im just so tired of trying to reset my computer to factory settings. I just want to know if someone here could help me, heres what ive tried(windows 7): -Already tried the backup recovery option where you need to pick a specific time where you want you computer to reset (I...
  2. SulaymanCeasar

    Not Just a Simple App Crash....

    So, I download a game or a software. I always download from this laptop since I don't have internet connection on my computer. Either way, I download a game or software and take it to my computer and install it there. Then the problem happens. Take note that it doesn't happen on all games and...
  3. frankie17

    From HDD to SSD: How can I install Windows 7?

    NOTE: NOT upgrading Windows 7, just want it to install it on my new SSD. Hello, hopefully i can get some help please!. I'm planning to install Windows 7 PRO on a new SSD (Internal Samsung EVO 860 250GB), so i may use it too boot Windows 7 and use my current HDD as secondary storage. My...
  4. SmilingText

    Headphones: Can only hear background music

    What I'm trying to do: Fix my headphone sound/set-up on Windows 7. Can only hear background music on them on this specific PC. No voices on music videos. Headphones work great on other devices such as my laptop, my phone, and other phones. I thought "maybe Sony headphones aren't compatible...
  5. E

    would like to upgrade to windows 7 from vista. How?

    vista is running real slow , seems bogged down. except in safe mode, where i cant do much How would i go about upgrading to 7 ? ive read a lot, all confused. thx.
  6. Grrimm

    Windows opening and closing in slow motion

    Guys, as of last night my the windows logo loads forever on start up, it always loads about 30 secs minimum. Opening and closing windows also fades away in slow motion. However, I have found that when I switched my theme from aero to windows 7 classic, the issue doesn't exist anymore, but start...
  7. T

    PS4 Controller / Logitech Controller not connecting

    Background; All im trying to do is setup either a PS4 Controller via BlueTooth, wired or my F710 Logitech controller so it works on my PC, then play it with the Zsnes Emulator for Mario World. Problem; Logitech F710 - Driver installed, xbox360 controller support installed, F710 Not showing in...
  8. I

    Booting Help

    Hi! I own a Toshiba Satelitte L750. Around a year ago, something had happened to my computer to make it go to the screen that asks for a boot disk. Only now did I take the time to order one. I put the disk in, restart my computer, and watched it turn on. The first screen that pops up is the...
  9. J

    The system cannot find the file specified.

    Hi all, I have a hard drive which I pulled from my previous Dell Thinkcentre M93P desktop, because it's probably broken and not able to start the operating system, and I wanted to retrieve all the important files in there. However, after I hook it up to another computer, and I put in the...
  10. P

    Could not find any compatible Direct 3D devices

    Greetings, Here is my problem, everytime I try to run a large program such as for example a game, I get this nasty pop-up window that tells me that it could not find any compatible Direct 3D devices. I tried everything able, I checked all files, downloaded drivers, re-installed everything, I...
  11. I

    Solved ipv4 & ipv6 both say "no internet access"

    I am using windows 7 on my laptop & connecting to the internet with a shared WiFi, through which I also connect my other computer (windows 8) & my smart TV - both of which are working properly through the WiFi connection My windows 7 computer WAS working through the WiFi earlier today but now...
  12. R

    Solved My most important Chrome bookmark folder has disappeared.

    My most important Chrome bookmark folder has disappeared. This happened to another one of my Chrome bookmark folders a while before - a less important one that I can't remember, don't worry about this one. From what I've read online, it sounds like it's something to do with syncing bookmarks...
  13. T

    freezing computer

    i just got a sony vaio from a coworker he said it was messed up but didn't specify what was wrong with it when i try and turn in on and i put the password in it goes to a black screen with a mouse courser that i can move and literal hours can go by and nothing if i try and open in safemode it...
  14. H

    How do I get Windows 7 on a new laptop that has Windows 10?

    Hello, I am buying a new lenovo laptop tomorrow and it says it has Windows 10 already installed on it. Is there a way I can get it to go back to Windows 7? Do I have to buy a Windows 7 installation disk? Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  15. R

    Wireless Adapter Issue

    Hey everyone! So basically im having a real awful annoying problem. I bought a wireless USB adapter for my desktop pc which is running windows 7. The device is a media tek rt2870 and the drivers are installed. Now it picks up the wireless connection okay, but it simply wont connect. It just...
  16. A

    BSOD Error 1033

    My pc often shuts down with a bsod without any freezing or warning,this is my system info . . The dump file is attached Any help!?
  17. jsmith740

    im on vista and cany upgrade to 7

    i have tried to upgrade from windows vista to windows 8.1. it will not let me. any ideas on how to get windows 7?
  18. C

    Windows 7 upgrade from 32bit to 64bit

    I've recently purchased a game and stupidly not checked the requirements my machine runs a 32bit operating system whereas the game requires 64bit, how can I upgrade this ?
  19. B

    Need help!!!

    I need help with this issue. For the past 24 hrs my pc has been stuck with the "infinite boot loop". I recently downloaded Samsung sync which is what started this all. I downloaded it on Saturday night and it worked well but when I tried to shutdown my pc it was taking extremely long. After...
  20. M

    Lame for Audacity

    This used to be easy, but I can't find a lame mp3 encoder for my Audacity 2.1.2 on my Windows 7 laptop. Can anyone give me any help on this? Thanks you Peg