1. D

    Solved Corrupted File System after power loss

    I inadvertently flipped the circuit breaker while desktop PC was on. Error msg says file system is corrupted and recommends running disk check. I have opened Command Prompt, changed directory to root C: , then keyed chkdsk. When I enter that command, I get a message that my User Account (...
  2. B

    Incredibly unstable internet

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right section so could somebody move this if I'm not, thanks! For the last few months I have been suffering from incredibly high ping inside and outside of online games. Sometimes I will be playing with no updates or downloads in the background, be this on League of...
  3. YahtzeeFish

    Copy of Windows is not genuine

    I noticed that my computer was restarting on and off and it was trying install Windows 10. I don't know if it is a virus, but I restarted my computer in the middle of it. Now when I turn on my computer there a pop and a black background that has in the bottom right corner that reads (screen...
  4. A

    Laptop cannot connect to network but other devices do

    Hello. Im having problems connecting my laptop (Win. 7) to my network. I am able to connect to my network with various different devices EXCEPT my laptop. There for I've concluded this is not a problem with my network itself. Its something to do with my laptop. I am able to "connect" to my...
  5. K

    Problem Installing Winflash

    Hi there! So I have attempted now several times to install winflash on my windows 7 Asus Model: U52F. Every time regardless of which version (even the oldest ones) and for every windows, and every update date it keeps giving me the error halfway through the install "The Permission is too weak...
  6. J

    I/O Device Error on new WD 2TB Hard Drive

    I keep getting " I/O Device Error" I have just built a new gaming set up. Everything works fine other than the slave drive. I have an SSD as the master to boot off of and a 2tb hdd. It detects the HDD in bios but not once I boot windows 7. It says it's offline and not initialized but when I try...