1. M

    Restoring a windows partition - switching drive letters and

    Hello, due to a recent Windows 8.1 update, my boot partition C: was rendered unusable. Luckily, I had a backup from a month ago on an external drive. I tried restoring it by Easeus ToDo backup, but it got stuck at 68% several times. I managed to salvage all the data from the backup by partial...
  2. C

    Does my Hard Drive need to be replaced or is it repairable?

    Hello! I'm new, but will do my best. NOTE: I am using another older PC to post on here since the laptop I am having issues with is currently in the boot menu "Scanning & Repairing C: 12%" So about two days ago on my ASUS Windows 8.1 laptop, I get an error message basically telling me something...
  3. W

    Trying (and failing) to re-install windows 8.1

    Hello there, Hoping someone can help me. My son has an Alienware laptop. It came with one SSD and we recently installed another so has two drives now. Before we installed the second drive, we managed to corrupt the first hard drive but we were still under warranty so Dell's tech support...
  4. S

    Cleared windows 8.1 from my hard drive, no more OS.

    I was faced with the blue screen of death on my Sony vaio laptop, which was running Windows 8.1. I tried everything I found online, went through every troubleshoot possible, including getting deep into CMD to try to resolve the issue. Nothing was working. So in a last ditch effort, I tried...
  5. KathrynS

    Urgent...I Need Help Windows 8 now 8.1 build 9600

    Hello, I started here with a bad windows update I was in a Software LOOP . I was given FALSE info from Microsoft and Micro Center computer store. I was told the ONLY way out was to take my computer to Micro Center have them pull my hard drive then have the copy it , back it up, put it back in...
  6. Q

    Windows 8.1 Installation Problem caused by GPT/MBR errors

    Windows had an installation problem on my HDD after a crash or something, and all the solutions i found on Google was to do a clean install windows after partitioning HDD. I didn't wanna lose 1 TB of files so used my old laptop HDD and installed Windows there and now my Desktop is running with a...