1. O

    Can I get windows 7 on an Windows XP and vista capable pc?

    I have this computer that used to have Windows XP, then I made a bootable usb and got vista. I want windows 7, but before I download it, can I even do that? The computer case says “Windows XP and vista capable” thanks
  2. SarahSayers


    Hi Guys, I have just found a Compaq presario V4000 running on windows XP. When I try and start it I get an error message saying media test failure, check cable for realtek. I don't have a windows disc. The error code is PXE-E61 and PXE-M0F
  3. J

    CX430 vs CX500 vs CX600

    The PSU on my PC has stopped working (light blinking at the back). My PC is around 12 years old and I've researched between these four and wondered which I should get. I'll mainly be using the PC for basic things with the occasional game. I created a previous thread about my PSU issue while back...